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Kendall Jenner reveals toned abs and legs in tight cutout dress

Close-up on Kendall Jenner on the red carpet.
Kendall Jenner shows toned figure in new ad. Pic credit: ©

Supermodel and reality TV star Kendall Jenner posed for a new ad for Eight Reserve.

Kendall wore a skintight cutout dress that highlighted her famous lean model figure.

The tank top dress cutouts were placed at her stomach, showcasing her abs and just below her hips, giving a glimpse at her statuesque legs.

The 818 Tequila owner posed holding a bottle of Eight Reserve.

The elegant bottle is a simple silhouette of the number 8.

After experiencing success when she released 818 Tequila, Kendall has released a slightly more upscale tequila meant to be enjoyed alone instead of in a mixed drink.

Kendall Jenner discusses desire to be a businesswoman

In a promotion for Season 2 of The Kardashians, Kendall discussed her desire to be a businesswoman.

Though Kendall has been enjoying a wildly successful career as a supermodel, she explains that though she enjoys modeling, she wants to experience being her own boss.

Based on the promotion, it seems fans can expect this to be a big part of Kendall’s storyline in the upcoming season. It seems fans will get an inside look at her journey to build her new brand and the emotions behind her desire to take her career in a new direction.

But that doesn’t mean Kendall will stop modeling anytime soon. She recently walked multiple shows during NYFW for brands such as Proenza Schouler.

In addition to her runway shows, Kendall also made NYC streets her runway in multiple enviable off-duty model looks. Paparazzi photographed her in many trendy outfits as she strolled around the city in her off time.

Kendall opens up about mental health

Similar to her sisters, the supermodel has a busy schedule. But she recently opened up to Jay Shetty about how she pushed herself to exhaustion.

“There was a long period of time, I’d say the core five years of it that I was extremely overworked, not my happiest…because I was overwhelmed…and it just took a lot out of me to the point where I just wasn’t happy anymore.”

As any happy and successful person will attest, there is strength in being able to set boundaries with work.

After years of work to build her career, Kendall is learning those lessons for herself.

The Kardashians Season 1 is now streaming on Hulu. Season 2 premieres on September 22, 2022.