Kendall Jenner is leggy in black bikini with a blazer for Jimmy Choo

Kendall Jenner close up
Kendall Jenner wore a black bikini under an oversized black blazer for a Jimmy Choo campaign. Pic credit: ©

Kendall Jenner put her modeling skills on show in a recent Jimmy Choo campaign, showing off her legs for days in black heels from the iconic brand.

The Kardashians star wore a matching black bikini under an oversized black blazer as she lifted up one leg to show off the black Jimmy Choo pumps.

She had her dark hair parted in the middle and brushed behind her ears as she looked up with a neutral model expression on her face.

She stood in front of a blue sky with several palm trees and a white house, looking as if she was at an expensive Hollywood mansion.

The brand shared the image of Kendall with the caption, “Our iconic Love pumps are the ultimate investment shoe – just ask style idol @kendalljenner.

Kendall herself liked the pic, along with over 57k other Instagram users.

Kendall Jenner posed in a black string bikini with knee-high boots

In another shot, seemingly taken on the same day, Kendall had taken off the blazer and was seen sitting down in a matching black string bikini that showed off her thin frame.

She wore a pair of black leather boots that went up over her knee, giving off a tough, biker vibe.

Kendall was seen sitting on white tiles in front of the same background as the previous photo, with her hair in the same style.

Jimmy Choo captioned the photo, “@kendalljenner wears the Biker II Over The Knee boot – our high-octane take on a timeless style.”

Kendall went braless in an oversized black blazer with white sneakers

Kendall clearly took part in a number of photos for the same campaign and posted one of the photos to her own Instagram in September.

In that photo, she wore the same oversized black blazer but did not have a shirt on. She wore a pair of black hot pants and leaned back in a chair that was situated on the grass in front of a pool.

She stretched out her legs in front of her to show off a pair of white sneakers, which according to Jimmy Choo, are the Diamond Light Maxi.

Kendall was introduced as Jimmy Choo’s muse for their Autumn 2022 campaign

Kendall was introduced as the Autumn 2022 collection muse for the brand, announced in September via an Instagram post featuring the model in a silky pink leotard as she leaned back on green bushes.

Kendall’s lean body was showcased in the busty one-piece, and the look was paired with bright pink knee-high boots and a matching purse.

In a video posted just a couple of days after that, Kendall was seen walking on and offscreen in several outfits that were shown throughout the campaign, including a black leotard with sheer material on top and a black bodysuit with snazzy gold boots.

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