Kendall Jenner in black bikini to model stylish shoes

Kendall Jenner close up
Kendall Jenner rocked a topless blazer look for behind-the-scenes shots of a Jimmy Choo campaign. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Kendall Jenner was the star of Jimmy Choo’s Fall/Winter 2022 campaign, which was photographed by Carlijn Jacobs and showed her in some impressive outfits.

The brand recently shared a behind-the-scenes video, one of several videos and photos they’ve shared over the last month in which Kendall is the star.

The Kardashians star was first seen sitting on a chair, usually seen on movie sets, as she casually scrolled through her phone. However, it was her outfit that drew the attention, with the contrast of black and bright pink.

Kendall wore a black velvet leotard with a plunging neckline and a sparkling fishnet material that hung down over bright pink Jimmy Choo boots, showing they are all about the newest Barbiecore trend. She held a matching bright pink purse.

Kendall was later seen walking in front of a door in the same outfit, confidently strutting on and off-screen, and later walking along the pool between bushes.

In a second outfit, Kendall wore a silky pink corset top with spaghetti straps and what appeared to be a white towel on the bottom, lest the viewer forgets these are behind-the-scenes shots.

Kendall’s hair and makeup stayed the same throughout, with her hair being parted in the middle and left down, while her makeup was kept natural. She smiled as stylists quickly worked around her to keep everything looking photo ready.

Kendall Jenner rocked a topless look in a black blazer for the Jimmy Choo campaign

She later went topless in a black blazer as a pair of white Jimmy Choo sneakers were down below. Kendall talked, walked around, and played on a rope as she swung around.

She could be seen during a photo shoot in the black blazer that took place next to the pool, as well as wearing a black one-piece suit with knee-high, sexy black boots.

More stylish outfits are shown, including another black bodysuit with draped black material throughout and a pair of shiny gold Jimmy Choo boots.

Kendall later changed into a black bikini as she strutted around in chunky black knee-high boots and black heels.

Kendall was seen in several expensive shoes from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection

The Fall/Winter campaign has been shown for several weeks now and includes contrasting shots of the reality star posing in black ensembles in front of a blue sky with palm trees and wearing brightly colored shoes.

The collection features the Blake Knee boot in a gold liquid color which costs a staggering $1,695, and the Dreece knee boot in candy pink for an even pricier $1,950. Both of these shoes were seen on Kendall in the Fall/Winter 2022 campaign.

The Kardashians is currently streaming on Hulu with new episodes every Thursday.

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