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Kendall Jenner handles business in skintight spandex, tiny green crop top 

Kendall Jenner does errands in spandex.
Kendall Jenner does errands in spandex. Pic credit: BACKGRID

Kendall Jenner’s big sister Kim may have moved on from Kanye West, but that didn’t mean Kendall couldn’t represent Kanye’s line. 

Kendall was spotted in Beverly Hills as she ran errands in head-to-toe neon green spandex. The reality star, who often posts braless crop top photos, opted for an equally revealing outfit.

Kendall paired her neon attire with green Yeezy slides from Kanye West’s line. 

The photos come a day after the model made headlines for a couple of viral moments on The Kardashians. Kendall struggled to cut a cucumber and got in a shouting match with Scott Disick before she stormed off.

Kendall looked cool as a cucumber when she was caught by the paparazzi.

Kendall Jenner runs errands in spandex

Kendall’s taut tummy and cut obliques were visible under the spandex attire. Her hair was noticeably lighter– she recently dyed it red, and it was slowly fading back to brown. She wore a simple gold chain around her neck and sported black sunglasses. 

Kendall carried an iced beverage to keep cool and hydrated underneath the California sun.

Kendall Jenner in LA wearing green spandex and crop top
Kendall Jenner struts in green spandex. Pic credit: Backgrid

Kendall wore high-cut white socks, which she pulled up over her neon green spandex.

Later on, the paparazzi caught Kendall in the same outfit, but she added a lightweight white cardigan. The cardigan featured ¾ sleeves and was a crop top.

Kendall Jenner in LA wearing green spandex and crop top
Kendall Jenner is spotted in LA wearing green spandex and drinking coffee. Pic credit: Backgrid

Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick argue on The Kardashians

Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick got into a fight on the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians.

Kris Jenner sat by as the two heatedly discussed Scott Disick’s absence at Kendall’s birthday dinner. Kendall said that she always thought about Scott’s feelings, and she even thought about him at Kourtney’s engagement. Scott said that he heard she defended him, but then she didn’t invite him to her birthday. 

Kendall, while eating crackers and cucumbers, attempted to explain to Scott that her birthday dinner was intimate. She said, “I didn’t really invite anyone,” and continued, “Literally only Kourtney and Travis came.”  

Scott interrupted Kendall and said, “Never in a million years would Kendall not invite me to a birthday party.”

Kendall threw her napkin and stormed off, but before doing so, she exclaimed, “I’m out. This is so f*****g ridiculous. You won’t let me speak, Scott!”

A Twitter user posted the exchange and sided with Kourtney, saying family comes first. The user wrote, “He knows Kourtney is her sister right, cos she’s making sense, and he’s not, she don’t owe him any apology.”

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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