Kendall Jenner goes topless and admires colorful fish

Kendall Jenner goes topless and admires colorful fish
Kendall Jenner is topless and admiring aquatic life in a new shoot. Pic credit: ©

Kendall Jenner is posing topless in a new shoot for Pop magazine.

The reality TV star just released new shots from the photoshoot after previously sharing pictures one week ago.

The newest batch of Kendall photos showed the model trying on a few colorful outfits and going topless.

The latest shots showed more skin as Kendall struck a pose in an aquarium while she gazed at fish.

Kendall posed against blue mosaic tiling with Koi fish and rocks behind her. She sported blue eye shadow, which perfectly matched the background. 

Kendall placed her hands over her chest, crossed her arms, and parted her lips slightly as she pivoted her hips with low-waisted, sequin-adorned bottoms.

Kendall Jenner poses for Pop magazine

Kendall looked to the side in the second picture and pivoted her feet outward with a minor bend in the legs. She placed one hand on her hip and allowed the other to fall to the side. She wore a black leather tank top and a blue skirt with a thigh-high slit.

The third slide showed Kendall in a strapless black dress and a half-sheer bodice. Kendall looked into the distance with a blank stare.

Kendall’s caption read, “🐠@thepopmag issue 47 by @carlijnjacobs.”

Another black-and-white picture showed Kendall with a sparkler in her hand. The model appeared unanimated, looking down and to the side with her lips slightly parted.

The fifth shot showed Kendall with red hair that she debuted in March. She sat in a skirt with black leggings and a blue crop top with a halterneck and a keyhole cutout in the bodice.

Finally, a picture showed Kendall as she stared intently at a colorful fish, with an aquarium between the camera and the model.

Kendall Jenner talks modeling and industry changes

The modeling industry is at the forefront of fashion and remains dynamic as trends come and go. Kendall belongs to a class of models known as “nepo-babies” who achieved success primarily because of family connections.

Kendall spoke to W magazine about how the industry had changed since she joined ten years ago.

Kendall said, “I was 14 when I first started modeling, and 16 or 17 when I came to New York and started taking it super seriously. A lot has happened in 10 years, and the evolution is exciting. We’re on social media more than we were five years ago—or even one year ago.”

Kendall continued, “Modeling has been a part of my life for a really long time. There was a time when it was my highest priority and focus. I love that I’m at a place now where I can compartmentalize different aspects of my life.”

Now, Kendall focuses on her 818 Tequila brand as she branches out from her modeling career.

The Kardashians now streaming on Hulu with new Season 2 episodes airing on Thursdays.

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