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Kendall Jenner goes braless in fishnets and thigh-high boots

Kendall Jenner attends an event.
Kendall Jenner stunned in fishnet stockings, a braless blazer, and thigh-high boots for her latest magazine cover. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Kendall Jenner was smoking hot in a red ensemble as she bared some skin for her photo shoot with W magazine.

The 26-year-old starlet and member of the famed Kardashian clan got in touch with her sultry side as she rocked various stunning outfits, including one fire-engine-hued number that included fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots.

Sharing a few choice snaps from her session with the publication, Kendall kicked things off with her fiery attire, putting her modeling skills to work as she gave a fierce pose.

Showing off some leg as she tilted one foot out for a heeled boot prop, Kendall slayed in her matching attire, the shiny red boots hugging her skin all the way up to her thighs while pointed stiletto rods added an extra few inches to her already-towering 5 foot 10-inch frame.

Red fishnet stockings graced the part of her lower body that remained visible above the boot tops and underneath the blazer’s hem, giving plenty of peeks of skin.

Kendall’s red underwear showed through the gaps of her stockings, while her blazer made it evident that the reality star was rocking the look with no bra and no other top.

The outfit was finished off with matching red gloves and a red fedora hat.

While the cherry-hued attire was certainly the most eye-catching of the three posts shared by the star, Kendall did appear equally radiant and chic in the two other outfits she shared with fans.

Kendall Jenner stuns in fur coat and bra

For another glam vibe for her photoshoot, Kendall looked chic and stylish as she donned a heavy fur coat and no top.

With her lacy, white bra seen covering her chest in between the sides of the fur lining that flowed down her front, Kendall wowed as she plucked the bottom of her sparkly gown off the floor to let bright blue snakeskin leggings show.

Kendall’s hair was styled into a stiffened Farrah Fawcett-like flip, with blonde bangs sweeping across her forehead and the back of her coif curling up from the back of her neck.

In her third post from her time with W magazine, Kendall brought a whole different feeling to the session as she went for a more gothic vibe.

Kendall Jenner goes goth in maxi dress and choker

For her final share following her photo shoot, Kendall mixed things up a bit by going in the entirely opposite direction to her usual look.

Seeming to tower almost out of the frame, Kendall looked sleek, trim, and lean as she wore a black maxi dress that swept across the floor and covered her ankles.

White racing stripes ran down the length of the sleeves, and a Gucci emblem could be seen decorating the neckline area, a gold choker encircling her throat.

Kendall’s hair went with the ensemble, having been slicked down at the sides into a blunt, choppy black bob with fringed bangs brushing against her forehead.

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