Kelly Dodd calls Braunwyn Windham-Burke a ‘poser and a loser’ in latest Instagram rant

Kelly Dodd bashes Braunwyn Windham-Burke and calls her a loser on Instagram
Kelly Dodd says Braunwyn Windham Burke is a loser. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect/admedia/Bravo

Kelly Dodd has her sight set on Braunwyn Windham-Burke after the mom-of-seven bashed her in a recent interview.

And if you know anything about Kelly, it’s that she can get ruthless with her insults.

We’ve seen her target several of the cast members over the years, and once she gets going, it’s tough for her to stop.

Well, now her anger is aimed at Braunwyn, and things are getting nasty!

Kelly Dodd calls Braunwyn a loser

Kelly Dodd is still bashing Braunwyn Windham-Burke on social media.

The newly married RHOC alum shared a video to her Instagram page while getting a facial procedure.

Oddly, as Kelly filmed the process, talk quickly turned to her co-star who had apparently also gotten the same procedure.

The 45-year-old was none-to-pleased with her copycat co-star, saying in the video, “Braunwyn copied me because she’s such a poser and a loser who’s never done anything with her life.”

The five-season alum wasn’t done quite yet.

Later in the night, she shared another video while walking her dogs in Braunwyn’s neighborhood.

In the video, Kelly showed her castmates’ house then zoned in on the license plate of Windham-Burkes vehicle, saying, “Braunwyn’s lived here for two years, why do you still have Florida plates Braunwyn….are you not paying your taxes? Oh my God, hypocrite.”

Did Kelly put Braunwyn in danger?

That’s what the mother-of-seven is alleging after getting wind of Kelly’s video of her home.

Fans of the show alerted the 42-year-old to Kelly’s video, and she soon took to Instagram to condone her castmate’s action.

Braunwyn shared a now-deleted Instagram live video thanking fans for bringing it to her attention. She urged them to help by reporting the posts.

She alleges that Kelly posting her license plate number online put Braunwyn and her kids in danger.

However, Kelly is not backing down.

She removed the video of Braunwyn’s home, but not the video calling her a loser.

Although the video is no longer on Instagram, Kelly doesn’t think she did anything wrong and later shared a message and another video saying just that.

In another video, Kelly addressed the situation, saying, “When you have a Florida plate, it’s linked to that address…I didn’t show her address I showed her fake plates and that she’s lived here for two years.”

She added, “It’s not linked to her California address. Plus her house is so distinctive they would know where she lives anyways…But go ahead and continue to play a victim.”

Kelly also shared a post on her Instagram page, writing, “What’s more dangerous, me showing a dark house and a license plate linked to a Florida address where she doesn’t live…or her calling me a racist and homophobic in a nationally televised interview?”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Jess Lou
Jess Lou
2 years ago

But what procedure was she having ??! I want to know where Braunwyn goes ?!