Kelly Clarkson mentions changes in 2022, could she be leaving The Voice?

Kelly Clarkson and Girl Named Tom on The Voice
Kelly Clarkson and Girl Named Tom on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Kelly Clarkson is a very wealthy and successful music star.

She has great album sales and hosts her own daytime talk show.

She also has The Voice, which pays her a large annual salary to coach young hopeful singers to success.

However, with recent comments, it sounds like Kelly might be making some changes to free up time, and that might include leaving The Voice.

Kelly Clarkson talks re-recording her old music

Kelly Clarkson had an Instagram Live with her fans and answered some questions.

She talked about a lot, including how she was inspired by Taylor Swift going back and re-recording every album she did.

Swift did this to regain full rights to her music, but Clarkson had a good reason why she might consider doing the same thing.

“I think it’s interesting about doing that later in life is that one, I personally feel like my voice is stronger than it was when I was 19, It should be, I mean I hope so like after working hard for 20 years it should have gotten a little better,” Clarkson said.

“I feel like my range is bigger and it’s just a different voice so I think it would be interesting to re-record some of those songs that I love, or even some of those hits that I actually can’t listen to.”

That would take a lot of time, but another interesting thing she said was that she plans to free up a lot of time later in 2022.

Kelly Clarkson is freeing up time this year

“I’ve decided this year there’s just going to be a couple changes for me that I can’t say here, but there’s a couple things happening and I’ve been able to make more time just for me and my kiddos and still be able to work,” Clarkson said.

“Just where we can get away on weekends and really do some fun stuff with my kids.”

What Kelly might be changing is a question mark. She works on The Voice for months at a time, and much of her preparation takes place when the show isn’t filming as she is working with the singers.

Could Kelly be giving up her role on The Voice, or is she making another move in her career?

For now, NBC has not revealed if they are bringing back all four judges from Season 21, with Blake Shelton hinting he might be ready to step down and Ariana Grande not saying anything about coming back yet.

The Voice is on hiatus. The reality singing competition should return to NBC in late 2022.

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