Kelley Flanagan talks about stepping back from her job as a lawyer due to health issues

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan talks about her health issues. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

Kelley Flanagan was on Season 24 of The Bachelor featuring Peter Weber, but she had already met him at an event previously.

As the season progressed, there was chemistry between Peter and Kelley, but ultimately Kelley was eliminated.

However, the twosome reconciled during the global pandemic and dated for almost seven months before again splitting up.

While she was on the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast, Kelley spoke about the fact that she wanted someone she would look up to and could confide in about important and significant topics. With Peter, she had a lot of fun, but that’s kind of where it stopped.

Kelley Flanagan reveals how her health issues affected her job

During the same podcast, Kelley also talked about her hardships with Lyme disease and how it has drastically affected her life, especially in the past two years.

In fact, she told co-hosts Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson that it’s because of those health issues that she is no longer a lawyer right now.

Kelley relayed, “I took a back burner on law for the time being, and the reason is because I’ve been having so many health issues. Around a year ago, I realized I needed to stop everything and try to figure out what the h**l is going on with me. I took a step back and did more content creating while I tried to figure out my health.”

She then went on to say that as of now, she feels good about 75% of the time, but the other 25% is basically bad. That was why she decided she needed to stop practicing law for the time being.

Kelley discussed how it’s not forever and that she may go back to it, but it will be something different than working at her family’s firm as she was before.

Kelley talks about how Lyme disease affects her everyday life

During the podcast, Kelley talked to viewers and the co-hosts about how she deals with her Lyme disease and what it does to her body.

Kelley stated, “Lyme disease sets my autoimmune issues off. Like, for the past week, my entire face was really blown up and I’ll be allergic to everything. It’s so many autoimmune things. Like, one day it’s fatigue, one day I just feel like complete s**t, the next day my face is blown up.”

She also discussed further that her body weight has fluctuated over the past two years by 20 pounds, and it’s because of the disease, as she eats healthy and rarely drinks.

Kelley went on to say that she never knows when it will get worse and hit her. She talked about how she just doesn’t have the stamina as most 30-year-olds and her friends have when going out, staying out late, or partying.

Moreover, she revealed that she’s had stomach issues since elementary school, and even told viewers that before going on The Bachelor, her stomach looked like she was pregnant despite working out.

After the show was when it really hit her hardest because of the stress, drinking, publicity, and breakup, therefore, Kelley knew she needed to take a step back from an already stressful job and figure out her body.

For the entire podcast episode with Kelley Flanagan and co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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