Kelley Flanagan from The Bachelor tearfully reveals Lyme disease diagnosis

Kelley Flanagan from The Bachelor
Kelley Flanagan reveals her relationship status with Chris Randone and Blake Moynes. Pic credit: ABC

After being on The Bachelor Season 24, Kelley Flanagan has candidly shared many parts of her life with the public, be it fun places she travels to or her rocky breakup with ex-boyfriend Peter Weber

Kelley is continuing on in this pattern of vulnerability and recently revealed to her followers that she has unfortunately tested positive for Lyme disease.

Kelley Flanagan shares her fresh reaction to her test results 

In the emotional video, Kelley says she’s not having the best day. She appears to have made this video shortly after getting her test results back so her reaction was very fresh and it’s clearly difficult for her to get the words out about her diagnosis. 

Through tears, Kelley explained that she wanted to stay consistent in being honest with her followers about what’s going on in her life, especially because she often shares about health and offers health tips and tricks. 

Kelley then revealed that she received the not-so-good news that she tested positive for Lyme disease. She recalled that she always felt her body was more sensitive and reactive to things than other people even at a young age, leading her to think she may have had Lyme disease for a long while before being diagnosed. 

Two of Kelley’s brothers have Lyme disease and exhibited similar symptoms to her own. Along with her family, Kelley plans to incorporate her followers and friends on her journey of figuring this new chapter out. 

Kelley shared that she is trying to stay positive and remember that this diagnosis is not the end of the world. She also admitted that the diagnosis will, however, force a lot of changes. 

Kelley expresses her determination to combat the disease 

In Kelley’s caption for the video, Kelley revealed she also has several other co-infections and she called the diagnosis a blessing and a curse saying, “now I can target why I feel off so often but [this disease] also means several different lifestyle changes and extensive research on how to help/hopefully cure this!” 

Kelley acknowledged the uphill battle she’ll now face and also expressed a determination to overcome on this journey. 

Kelley wrote, “I know this is going to be tough for me, seeing what my brothers have gone through mentally and physically but I’m going to put so much of my time and energy into figuring this out and combatting this.” 

Kelley’s post received lots of love from followers and members of The Bachelor franchise and Kelley now joins a list of stars from the franchise who have been candid about their recent health issues in the hopes of promoting awareness and transparency.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC 

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