Katy Perry unimpressed by American Idol contestant singing I Kissed a Girl

Katy Perry on American Idol.
Katy Perry is not impressed to hear a contestant singing her song. Pic credit: ABC

Katy Perry’s time on American Idol is ending very soon.

Before she gives up her post as a judge sometime in May, many fans are savoring every moment with the singer.

Sunday’s new episode of the ABC reality series found her with a less than impressed reaction to a contestant performing I Kissed a Girl.

22-year-old Madai Chakell was the hopeful contestant who failed to impress Perry.

We guess it would be pretty flattering for someone to sing your breakout song to you, but naturally, you’d have certain expectations about how it should be sung.

Perry looked confused as the contestant belted out the song.

Katy Perry isn’t impressed with someone singing her song

“All that and a bag of chips,” the 39-year-old mustered after the performance.

The proven hitmaker felt that Madai was talented but believed she would benefit from singing a different song and scaling back the theatrics.

In Perry’s view, the aim was to get more vocals in there, and that’s precisely what Madai did with a performance of “Happy Birthday.”

Perry has been scrutinized countless times throughout her time as a judge.

Most recently, she was called out for telling practically every person who walked into the auditions that they were top ten material.

Katy Perry is putting in the work as a judge

But this was a rare moment where Perry’s initial criticism worked well to highlight points the act could improve on and applied them instantly.

Sometimes, people take a while to apply changes, but Madai showed she was receptive to feedback.

Madai opened up about how she could strip the performance back, noting that she could give the judges “whatever.”

Perry felt that Madai initially tried to grab attention with her song choice and said the trick is holding it like “I did with I Kissed A Girl.”

Ultimately, Madai got Perry and Lionel Richie’s approval, but Luke Bryan wasn’t taken with either performance but urged the wannabe singer to “prove” him wrong as she was handed the golden ticket.

Why is Katy Perry leaving American Idol?

Perry broke the news of her departure from the show to Jimmy Kimmel last month, revealing that she believed the show had “connected me with the heart of America.”

She was ready for change and needed to “feel that pulse of my own beat.”

The mother-of-one also has a music festival coming up in Brazil and her seventh studio album.

Details about the album are expected to be revealed ahead of her big comeback in the coming months.

It remains to be seen what American Idol will do if it gets picked up for next season on ABC.

Will another big name fill the void, or will the show use it as an opportunity to clean house?

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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