Katy Perry says winning American Idol isn’t enough for success

Katy Perry from American Idol
Katy Perry from American Idol. Pic credit: Pic credit: ©

When people get onto American Idol, there is a common misconception that winning leads to success in the music industry.

However, that is pretty far from the truth.

As the rules that American Idol contestants have to follow reveal, all the show has to do is give them a recording contract, and the prize money is an upfront bonus for that album.

However, that does not mean that the record label will work with the singers and help them succeed even if they finish it.

There are even some singers like Just Sam who couldn’t finish it and had to pay the label to get any songs she recorded back for herself.

Katy Perry said in a recent interview that winning American Idol is only a small step in finding success.

Katy Perry on winning American Idol

Katy appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan and spoke to Ryan Seacrest about the people who win the show. She also touched on the importance of their work ethic before and after they win.

Katy said that winning the show could launch a person into a huge career like Kelly Clarkson, but keeping their spot in the music industry is hard.

“We’re in our fifth season as judges…but I think the world is changing. There are new stars being born every day,” Katy said. “There’s so much being posted all over social media that it makes you stand out even more.”

Katy explained that these singers need to embrace their social media image because that is where they will build their fanbases, which would help them both on the show and in their careers as they leave the show.

Caleb Johnson said winning didn’t help him find success

A perfect example of this comes with Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson.

After winning the show, he signed with 19 Recordings, and then the label gave him no support as he created the album.

“Because the label wouldn’t release the single, there was no single that came out after the record was done,” Caleb told Insider. “There was no music video. There was nothing.”

Caleb said he had to spend his own money for a music video to promote it, and then he had to promote it on his own during the American Idol tour because no one would help.

On the other hand, today’s contestants are taking their careers into their own hands.

In between his audition and his appearance on TV, Fritz Hager released his own album, and it hit number one on the charts, based on both his likability on the show and his promotions on Instagram.

American Idol is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return to ABC in 2023.

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