Katy Perry responds to allegations she secretly married Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live
Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live. Pic credit: NBC

Katy Perry has been dating Orlando Bloom for a while now, and fans are eagerly awaiting their marriage.

However, rumors started swirling last year that the two had already married in a secret ceremony.

Neither Perry nor Bloom had responded to the rumors until now, and Katy finally answered the speculation.

Katy Perry talks secret wedding rumors

Katy Perry was on the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia, and they straight up asked her about the wedding rumors.

“Have you and Orlando got married secretly, or you just dragging this out? Or are you not sure? What’s going on there?” radio host Kyle Sandilands asked.

Katy then admitted that the two had not gotten married yet, and the secret wedding rumors were fake news.

She then revealed why the two of them had not gotten married yet.

“Well, no. It’s a destination location,” Katy answered. “We’re still trying for it to work out. But every couple of months, it’s like, new variant! New variant! New variant!”

Katy then said that once things “turn the corner with the coronavirus pandemic,” it is “time to party.”

Perry, 37, and Bloom, 45, have been engaged for three years now, with the proposal on Valentine’s Day 2019.

He did this on a helicopter ride.

Since then, they have had a baby girl named Daisy Dove, who is now 17 months old.

Luke Bryan jokes Katy Perry is jealous of him

Katy Perry’s fellow judge on American Idol joked that Katy is jealous of his bromance with Orlando Bloom.

While on Good Morning America, Luke Bryan said that he has such a great relationship with Bloom that it makes Katy jealous.

“And you know, she’s really a little jealous because she believes that Orlando kinda might have a little man crush on me,” Bryan joked.

“Orlando came into Nashville, and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him,” he said. “So me and Orlando, our love is strong. Our love is strong.”

Both Katy Perry and Luke Bryan have been on American Idol together since ABC picked up the show and relaunched it.

The new season of the series, the 20th anniversary of American Idol, is hitting ABC at the end of this month, with Perry, Bryan, and Lionel Richie returning as the judges.

American Idol Season 20 premieres on Sunday, February 27, at 8/7c on ABC. It will also be available to stream on Hulu.

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