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Katina Goode from MAFS strikes a sexy poolside pose in teeny bikini

Katina Goode
Katina Goode stunned MAFS fans in a very small bikini while standing poolside on vacation. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Boston star Katina Goode spiced up the internet in a recent post where she wore a teeny bikini while striking a pose in a pool.

The 29-year-old beauty described herself on the show as already having gone on a self-love journey, and the confidence she received from that was on display in the photo she shared.

Katina and her MAFS husband, Olajuwon Dickerson, have been on vacation in Panama, and Katina’s carefree and sexy poolside picture spoke to the fun they appear to be having.

MAFS viewers saw Katina and Olajuwon have several notable highs and some pretty exhaustive lows. Despite the adversity, the devoted couple said yes to each other on Decision Day and have been together ever since.

Katina Goode shared a sexy bikini photo with MAFS fans

Katina, whose Instagram handle is @__slimmgoodie, struck a pose with her feet on the stairs in the shallow end of a swimming pool.

She wore a floppy hat paired with a barely-there bikini as one arm rested on the pool’s railing.

Her face was obscured, but her figure was well-represented in the stunning photo shared with MAFS fans.

The second photo in Katina’s post captured more of the pool area.

She did not offer a caption to her almost 18k followers, but the photo was geotagged in Playa Blanca, Panama.

Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson claimed to have not been intimate by Decision Day

Intimacy between Katina and Olajuwon was something that they claimed to be honest about, and viewers learned on Decision Day that the pair had still not consummated their marriage. Pastor Cal had even coached them to try and explore their sexual chemistry at one point.

Olajuwon took a firm stance in saying that one of the reasons he was most attracted to Katina was because their relationship was not built on a physical connection. He touted their passion for each other mentally as the driving force behind him saying yes on Decision Day.

Katina also said that she was not in a rush to have sex with Olajuwon but did say that they had moments of intimacy and flirtation that affirmed their attraction to one another.

The only other MAFS couple who have remained married since Decision Day is Noi Phammasak and Steve Moy. They admitted to having sex a few weeks into the experiment.

They have also been able to work through their red flag issues together and appear to still be in a happy and loving marriage.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime.