Katie Thurston throws shade at Nick Viall, reveals he’s blocked from her phone

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston spills the tea on Nick Viall. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie Thurston recently got candid with fans and name-dropped plenty of Bachelor Nation stars. 

Bachelor Nation’s Nick Viall came up during Katie’s live, and Katie spilled tea on their strained relationship, making it clear she’s not exactly a fan of The Viall Files host. 

Here’s what Katie had to say about Nick Viall. 

Katie Thurston blocks Nick Viall and forgets his existence 

Katie Thurston engaged in a TikTok live when she was asked about Nick Viall. 

When speaking about Nick, Katie responded to the question, “Does Nick Viall not like you?” 

Katie gave followers some tea, “Nick Viall is blocked from my phone. There’s some tea for you. Um, I don’t know, Nick is just…I don’t know what to say about him, to be honest. Nick is Nick. I honestly kind of forget that he exists,” adding, “because I just don’t care about his s**t.” 

Katie continued, “But I get DMs sometimes that are like ‘Oh my god, Nick won’t stop talking s**t about you’ And I messaged him one time and was like, ‘Hey, just letting you know, people are finding the things you’re saying kind of odd,’ and in short he basically reverse Uno-ed it and was like, ‘How great that you have fans that really care about you. And you get it and don’t take it personally’ Okay, whatever. You do you, Nick. I’ll see you at the top.” 

The Bachelorette viewers will recall that Nick Viall appeared on Katie Thurston’s season for an intense group date. Katie and a group of her men all sat in a circle and opened up about moments they weren’t proud of in relationships while Nick facilitated. 

During this group date, Katie revealed that before becoming sex-positive, she actually experienced assault and had to work hard to heal and embrace her sexuality. 

Despite Nick’s involvement in that vulnerable moment, it seems he and Katie are not on the best terms based on her recent comments. 

Katie Thurston’s Instagram live
Pic credit: @bachelorrabbithole/Instagram

Katie Thurston throws shade at Michael Allio 

Nick Viall wasn’t the only Bachelor Nation star Katie made disparaging comments about. 

In a tea-spilling mood, Katie took to her Instagram stories and asked fans what tea they wanted to know.

A follower asked about Michael Allio, and Katie accused Michael of allegedly kissing her friend while her season was airing. 

While Katie and Michael had broken up by that point, and Katie was even engaged to Blake Moynes during the kiss, she declared that Michael’s behavior with her friend felt “too soon.”

Katie also spoke about Greg Grippo and Hunter Montgomery during the Q&A, revealing that she thinks Hunter is great and is friends with Greg Grippo’s ex. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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