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Katie Thurston shares her 4/20 experience in a video

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston makes a video before and after using marijuana. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston has been a talked-about leading woman from The Bachelorette for a while now.

While she chose her final contestant, Blake Moynes, and the two got engaged on the Season 17 finale, they didn’t last much longer than the aired show.

Pretty quickly after the break-up, Katie and John Hersey released that they were an item, which caused some questions and controversy as well.

As Katie and John seem happier together than ever, Katie also seems happy-go-lucky in her latest video after partaking in some 4/20 marijuana. In fact, she captioned her video, “Happy #420 y’all (green heart).”

Katie Thurston’s first half of the video before partaking in the 4/20 activities

She initially did her video on TikTok, but she also put it on Instagram and started her video by saying, “Fun fact: you can get high legally in this state of Washington and many others.”

Katie had drafted that part of her video right after taking or smoking what she did. Then she said that she would come back to do the remainder of the video after, as she said, “this greatness hits … To see if I look different.”

Katie’s second half of the video after the drug kicked in

Coming back to her video was a completely different Katie. She seemed out of sorts, forgetful, and confused. The first thing Katie said when she returned to the video was maybe she thought she did, in fact, look different.

Following that comment, she told viewers a story about the last time she got high and ordered Chipotle, which had only been a few days prior. She had ordered the food sober, and then after getting high, she forgot she had ordered the Chipotle.

So, she told fans that she had panicked and went back to look at her online order. In between telling her story, she wondered aloud if the video was even recording, and then she made comments about the phone moving while she talked and recorded.

Katie went on to randomly say things like, “Oh my god you guys. I can’t. I can’t even tell you stories. I swear to God it is not like it’s moving. Time is moving very slow at this moment.”

After those last comments, Katie’s video turned off and that was it. She never came back on to finish the video, and she left it as it was.

It seems like Katie has been having a great time lately, in her relationship with John, as a social media influencer, and in her extra-curricular activities.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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