Katie Thurston shares about her inverted nipples to ‘normalize our bodies’

Katie Thurston holds a rose
Katie Thurston continues to be candid about her body and thoughts. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston has used her platform to promote several things, from products to messy drama, to sex positivity. 

Most recently, Katie used her platform to encourage normalizing different body types and she did that by sharing about a part of her body that used to make her insecure. 

Katie Thurston encourages ‘nipple confidence’ 

Katie Thurston made a video recounting the insecurities she used to have about her inverted nipples. 

Playing elevator music over the video, Katie Thurston began by saying, “You know what’s not talked about enough? Inverted nipples.”

Katie continued, “And I’m just going to say it, I have inverted nipples.”

Katie expressed that she was sharing this information because she felt like “there are guys and girls who needed to hear that and need to hear that it is okay.” 

Katie proceeded to use her face to give a visual demonstration of what she was talking about, stating, “Now if you don’t know what an inverted nipple is, it’s basically like instead of having a nipple that kind of like comes out it’s like in.” 

Opening up more about her chest, Katie shared, “And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to tell you about mine because no one is talking about it. For me, if there is coldness or arousal they will then pop out so I now like to view them as boobie boners.” 

While Katie confidently discussed this on the internet, she did admit that she didn’t always embrace this part of herself. 

Katie expressed, “When I was younger I was very embarrassed by it and I remember I would always tell guys ahead of time like it was some like medical disease, like ‘Hey just a heads up before we get serious, I have inverted nipples.’”

Katie then concluded her video saying, “But I’m here to say that it is very normal and it is okay.” Katie captioned the video, “normalize our bodies.” 

Katie’s post and promotion of ‘nipple confidence’ was met with appreciation by some as she chalked the video up to “random thoughts on a Saturday.” 

Katie Thurston's IG story
Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie Thurston opens up about antidepressants 

While Katie’s inverted nipple video was more lighthearted, Katie has also recently opened up about the more serious ways that she’s had to learn to embrace herself. 

In a lengthy post, Katie shared about the toll being in the public eye took on her and how the “old Katie” is dead. 

She also revealed that she started taking antidepressants as she learns to tend to her mental health. 

As Katie’s following continues to grow it seems those that keep up with her will continue to get very personal insights into her life. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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