Katie Thurston opens up on Blake Moynes criticism, says she’s ‘not holding back for anybody’

Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston says she’s the happiest she’s been with her new boyfriend, John Hersey. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram

Katie Thurston might not have given Season 17 contestant, John Hersey, her final rose, but the former Bachelorette admitted she’s happier than ever in her new relationship despite the major backlash from separating from her fiancee, Blake Moynes.

“I’m the happiest I’ve been,” the 30-year-old told Us Weekly alongside her new boyfriend on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards. “It’s very easy to just enjoy that and live my life.”

Katie Thurston opens up on Blake Moynes split and says she’s ‘not holding back for anybody’

As to dealing with the controversy of getting in a new relationship soon after leaving her fiance, the Washington native says “it’s really not” that difficult and the couple doesn’t plan on “holding back for anybody.”

Admitting she and John are in their “honeymoon stage,” Katie gushed, “He was my best friend before so I think that’s what makes it honestly the best.”

Adding to the conversation, John said the best part about dating Katie is “being able to spend quality time with each other and be able to do it in public.”

In the last few weeks, Katie has faced major criticism from Bachelor Nation for moving on to the 27-year-old bartender so quickly from her ex-fiancee.

While Blake doesn’t believe there was physical cheating between the two, he does suspect there was emotional infidelity involved for the relationship to transition as fast as it did.

When asked if Katie had spoken with her ex, the former Bachelorette replied she had and chose to leave it at that.

Katie Thurston confirmed her relationship with John Hersey during her ’12 days of messiness’

Katie Thurston previously sported over a million followers on Instagram, but following her break-up with Blake, that number took a plunge.

In an effort to drum up engagement, the reality TV star chose to celebrate the re-release of Taylor Swift’s Red album by dedicating one T. Swift song to each of her The Bachelorette exes.

Calling it “12 days of Messy”, the former sales manager proved she still knows how to market as fans checked back every day for her latest post.

The 12th day proved the messiest as she confirmed her new romance with John with the heartfelt single, Begin Again.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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