Katie Flood weighs in on what’s to come on Below Deck Med Season 6

Katie Flood teases Below Deck Med Season 6 twist fans won't see coming.
Katie has promised fans something goes down in Season 6 that is unexpected. Pic credit: Bravo

Chief stew Katie Flood has weighed in on what’s to come on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, and fans need to be prepared.

Only a handful of episodes remain in Season 6 of Below Deck Med. Most of the season has focused on Lexi Wilson and chef Mathew Shea, who have both brought a slew of chaos to the crew.

As the season winds down, viewers are pretty sure they have the season all figured out. Katie though is warning things are about to get crazy.

Katie Flood dishes Below Deck Med Season 6 twist

There is no question Lexi has been the talk of Season 6. Lexi thinks she is carrying the show. Meanwhile, Katie finally revealed why she didn’t fire the stew.

No doubt fans expect more of the same as the season ends. Katie is preparing fans for an unexpected twist too.

“What I can tell you is it’s not what you guys expect. It’s so funny reading all the comments and stuff. Like people think you’ve got this all figured out. And nobody has any idea what’s about to happen. I don’t think it’s gonna be what viewers expect. And yeah, there’s a lot to come for sure,” Katie expressed to Showbiz CheatSheet.

The chief stew’s words could mean just about anything, especially since there is still a deck injury, another Mathew and Lexi blow up, and Captain Sandy Yawn laying into Malia White.

What else did Katie Flood say about Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6?

From the moment Delaney Evans boarded Lady Michelle, things have been awkward. Katie almost immediately regretted adding another stew, especially when it was discovered Delaney had no stew experience.

What Delaney did have that was different from Lexi was a great attitude, but the situation made Katie more stressed out. The chief stew has spilled that she makes a decision based on her gut coming up soon.

“A decision I make is about to come. And I stand my ground with that. I listened to my gut with that one. So you guys will see that one for sure. There’s definitely more in the works,” Katie stated.

Those who have watched Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 12 via Peacock know Katie does make a shocking decision on the episode. However, the intense last five minutes of the episode may force her to rethink that choice.

Whatever is coming on Below Deck Med Season 6, Katie Flood has warned that it’s not what fans expect. Well, at least one twist isn’t.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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