Kathy Hilton skips RHOBH finale filming to attend Trump’s Super Bowl party

Kathy Hilton
Kathy Hilton skipped filming to attend a Super Bowl party hosted by Donald Trump Pic credit: Bravo

The feud between Kathy Hilton and RHOBH star Lisa Rinna reached a boiling point.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram on Monday night, Lisa openly shaded the Housewives friend-of for refusing to film the Season 12 finale with the rest of the ladies. Kathy claimed she had a prior commitment over the weekend in Palm Beach, Florida, and production knew about this well in advance.

But it’s not her missing filming that made Lisa angry – it’s the reason why she decided not to film that day that fired her up.

Why did Kathy miss filming, and why is Lisa so fired up about it?

According to sources close to Kathy, she did not refuse to film, and Bravo was well aware she would be absent. Kathy’s manager said, “Kathy did not refuse to film. Our friend, Vera, lost her husband a year ago last week. Vera lives in Palm Beach. Kathy and Rick have always planned on being in Palm Beach this weekend with her for the week.”

She continued, “Kathy’s also hosting a charity event with her daughter, Nicky, in Palm Beach on Wednesday. So this was all planned way in advance. Production was always aware of the schedule.” Along with having a previously scheduled plan, the manager reminded us that Kathy is only a friend-of, and Bravo did not find her essential to filming.

But once Lisa realized exactly where Kathy was on Sunday night, that’s when the roof blew off.

It was revealed that Kathy was attending a Super Bowl party at former President Donald Trump’s beach club. Lisa did not take this news well, and posted to Instagram with a photo of Kathy at the party, knowing that the news would tarnish the Beverly Hills socialite in the eyes of Trump haters.

In prior seasons, the Beverly Hills ladies were filmed supporting then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden, so it was clear to viewers where the ladies stood politically.

Kathy and Lisa have had a rocky season 12 and viewers will have a front seat to the drama

Lisa and Kathy’s friendship shattered during a cast trip to Aspen when it was alleged that Erika Girardi and Lisa spread lies about the friend-of, who is also the sister of OG Kyle Richards.

The cast was partying at a local nightclub while filming in Aspen, and Kathy and a club employee allegedly got into a back-and-forth over Kathy requesting the DJ play Michael Jackson’s song, Billie Jean. The employee told Kathy to go back to LA, after dismissing her request.

Allegedly, Kathy screamed and cursed at the club employee. Kathy’s reps denied the allegations, but Erika claimed she heard Kathy curse and belittle the club employee and brought this info back to the group. Lisa backed up Erika’s version of the story. 

Lisa shared another post on Instagram in which she suggested that Kathy was protesting too much, after facing rumors that suggested she had sent Lisa a cease and desist letter after their cast trip to Aspen.

Kathy’s reps solidly deny that she sent a C&D to Lisa.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus.

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