Kathy Hilton shares shady message about a narcissist after latest RHOBH episode

Kathy Hilton
Kathy Hilton posted and deleted a meme about narcissism, piquing fans interest. Pic credit: Bravo

Kathy Hilton joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Season 11 as a friend of, and is also known as the older sister of Housewife Kyle Richards and former Housewife, Kim Richards. She had been famous long before the series, as the mom of socialite Paris Hilton.

But being on an internationally famous reality show has a new set of problems for the mom-of-four, because now, her family dynamics are on full display – and it’s the good, bad, and ugly sides.

She has had issues with her sister Kyle on the show, and it is in the preview for Season 12, but is she on the outs with other cast members? A recent Instagram post led fans to believe there might be new trouble within the cast.

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Who was Kathy referring to in her Instagram post?

Kathy took to social media to let out some cryptic frustrations with an unknown person in a now-deleted post about narcissists. The Instagram story was a repost from an account named Understanding The Narc.

The quote reads, “When the chips are down, a person who genuinely cares for you, wants to be there for you because you need it. A narcissist however, will only be there for you, because they need it. To feed on the drama. To promote their fake persona of being that great person who is always there for others’, with no follow through. To build your debt of obligation to them. In none of these scenarios are your needs involved. You are an opportunity to be capitalised on. Your misfortune, is their fortune.”

Kathy commented “So true!!!!!” on the post, then added it to her stories. But she must have felt the heat, because she later deleted it.

Kathy also added the famous Kermit sipping the tea meme along with a piping hot tea kettle in another post. But who is she talking about?

kathy post
Kathy is throwing shade at someone, will we ever find out who? Pic credit: @QueensofBravo/Instagram
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Rumor has it that Kathy had a rough season with the ladies

In a recent interview, Kathy’s good friend, Crystal Kung Minkoff hinted that Kathy struggled this season, but gave no details, leaving viewers to have to wait until the episodes play out. Crystal revealed, “I know that she still is friends with all her friends. So nothing’s changed in that way. She’s still my friend and that’s all that matters to me.”

Crystal also added, “I talk to her a lot and I will say that Kathy is staying very positive and holding her head high throughout all of this. It’s very inspiring to me. I want to be like that!”

Issues with resident pot-stirrer Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne were shown in the season preview, so fans know that there is a list of women she could be feuding with. Included in that list would also be younger sister Kyle Richards, and the troubled waters run deep with her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

I LOVE Kathy. She’s the best one on the show!! She tells them like it is and doesn’t get mixed in the BS!!