Kathryn Dennis in barely-there tube top sits in car

Kathryn Dennis with her signature red locks.
Kathryn Dennis showed off her leggings and bare-there tube top. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis has spent a lot of time with Gucci lately.

She adores her dog, and it’s obvious why.

In the photo Kathryn shared of herself, she had her AirPods in and was wearing purple leggings and a barely-there matching tube top.

The Southern Charm star was listening to podcasts in her car, presumably ahead or behind a walk with Gucci.

Without Southern Charm filming, Kathryn has some downtime, and it appears she is using it to stay in shape.

Fashion is her strong suit, even when she is just hanging out with her dog.

Kathryn shows off purple leggings and barely-there tube top

Kathryn Dennis showed off her lavender leggings and matching tube top on her Instagram Stories.

The way she was sitting in her car gave the illusion that she was topless. However, her tube top was there.

Her hair appeared wet in the photo, which likely means she had just showered. It was slicked back and parted on the side.

The Southern Charm star used a filter during her post. She wasn’t overly done up. Kathryn looked natural, except for her eyelashes.

Kathryn Dennis in leggings.
Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm

As one of the few original cast members left, Kathryn Dennis and Southern Charm are synonymous.

This has been a difficult season for her, as she can’t film with her kids, and during several of the events, she had her kids and couldn’t participate in cast outings.

However, she was on a lot toward the beginning of the season, which chronicled her relationship with Chleb Ravenell. Their breakup was filmed, and their reconciliation was too.

Kathryn is still fighting to get her kids back. Earlier this year, Monsters and Critics reported she had lost custody of them to Thomas Ravenel. It appeared that the public wouldn’t learn about the reasoning behind it, but the fiery redhead opened up about what happened during an appearance on a podcast.

The Southern Charm reunion was filmed recently. While not much has gotten out about what happened, Madison LeCroy did say she felt good after leaving it. It’s unclear how much Kathryn opened up about her custody situation or breakup, but Andy Cohen likely didn’t let her off easy.

Kathryn is busy spending time with Gucci, as she spent some time with him while wearing a busty tank top.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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