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Kathryn Dennis goes cowgirl in thigh-skimming black dress

Kathryn Dennis as a blonde.
Kathryn Dennis channels her inner cowgirl. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Kathryn Dennis is living her best life outside of Southern Charm.

The redhead showed off some behind-the-scenes shots of a project she is working on, which had her channeling her inner cowgirl.

Kathryn has been interested in modeling since she debuted in Season 1, and it looks like she is pursuing her passion.

This shoot appears to be for something special as she was dressed in a special outfit, which included a short dress and some rhinestone boots with a matching hat.

Despite her personal life being tough, it seems her professional life is on the upswing.

The Southern Charm star will be gearing up for the reunion soon, and her take on what’s gone down is highly anticipated.

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis wears cowgirl outfit

Kathryn Dennis showed off her cowgirl outfit with her rhinestone boots and hat on her Instagram page.

She captioned her post, “A lil #bts of what I’m up to lately 💕 to celebrate a new episode of #southerncharm tonight @9!”

Kathryn tagged Daniel X Diamond in the photos, where you could also see the name on the background as she was at the shoot.

It appears Daniel X Diamond is a retail store in Nashville. It seems Kathryn enjoys spending her time there, as a few weeks back, the beautiful redhead teased a romantic connection in the city.

Kathryn Dennis continues to fight for her kids

Southern Charm viewers have watched as Kathryn Dennis welcomed two children with Thomas Ravenel. She has been back and forth with custody of them since the pair split, but earlier this year, she lost custody completely.

She opened up a little about the situation on a recent podcast. Kathryn revealed that she spends every other weekend with her kids but only spends waking hours with them. She also has to pay for their transportation from Thomas’ house to Charleston every time they come.

It’s been tense between the Southern Charm beauty and her baby daddy. Thomas spoke out about “protecting” his kids. He and Kathryn have been back and forth repeatedly, with more of it airing on the show than not.

Kathryn was involved with Chleb Ravenell this season, but after calling it off twice, it seems they are done for good. She talked to him about not spending time with her kids, and they also had other issues. He was caught being messy, and he will have to answer for that at the reunion too.

Kathryn Dennis appears to be moving on and rocking her cowgirl attire.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.