Kameron Westcott reacts to rumors that Brandi Redmond quit Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi Redmond and Kameron Westcott film for RHOD
Kameron understands why Brandi wants to leave the show. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott expressed how she feels about her costar Brandi Redmond’s rumored departure.

Kameron recently told ET that she knew Brandi was struggling before she made the social media post that implied she would be leaving the show. So Brandi’s alleged decision to walk away didn’t come as a surprise to Kameron.

“I honestly knew before she posted that,” Westcott explained. “I actually knew she was just really stressed out, and she’s been focusing on her family. She just had her fourth baby and she just has been stressed out. We’re still filming and doing interviews and things like that, so it’s a lot to handle when you just had a baby. And after you have a baby, your hormones are kind of heightened and everything’s a little bit more extreme.”

Kameron thinks Brandi wants to walk away so she can focus on her expanding family.

“So I do think she was at a point where she’s like, ‘God, I don’t know how I’m going to juggle this with four kids.’ And I think she kind of got to a point where she’s like, ‘OK, I’m done. I can’t handle all this drama. I want to focus on my family.’ And there was just so much white noise and I think she got stressed out,” she shared.

While Kameron wasn’t surprised by Brandi’s announcement, she admitted she would be disappointed if Brandi did officially choose to leave the franchise.

“I’m hoping she’s not done with the show because I couldn’t imagine the show without her,” Kameron expressed. “I really built a friendship with her. I would really be sad if she said that. So I’m hoping that’s not true.”

Brandi seemingly announces her exit from RHOD

Many fans believe Brandi will not appear on the next season of RHOD after she made a heartfelt Instagram post implying that she was done with the show.

In the first half, she talked about the emotional struggles she had been going through. Viewers heard Brandi confess that she was suicidal after receiving backlash for making fun of Asians in a social media video.

However, the second half of her post is what led viewers to believe that she is quitting the show.

“I also want to thank you all for being apart of my journey these past few years. I have loved sharing my life with you,” Brandi wrote in the caption of her post. “But sometimes things come to an end. The best kind of ends are happy ending and I choose happiness. Sending you all my love and prayers.”

Many fans believe that the “end” she is referring to is her time on Real Housewives.

Stephanie Hollman also seemingly confirms Brandi’s departure

Stephanie Hollman, Brandi’s bestie, seemingly confirmed that Brandi is ready to walk away from the franchise.

On Brandi’s departure post, fans alleged that the reason she was leaving is due to news breaking that her adopted son is her husband’s mistress’s baby.

Stephanie shut down the rumors and claimed that Brandi’s husband does not cheat on her.

She then gave some insight on the reasons why Brandi may be leaving the show.

She essentially echoed Karemon’s thoughts that Brandi wants to hone in her focus on her growing family.

Stephanie also added that it has been a tough year for Brandi after her mother-in-law passed in a car accident while her daughter was in the car.

Do you think Brandi is really leaving Real Housewives?

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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