Kalani Faagata’s hall pass Dallas Nuez speaks out for the first time, reveals whether he’ll appear on 90 Day Fiance

Kalani’s new man is sharing some personal information about himself. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kalani Faagata‘s new man is finally coming forward after months of being kept under wraps.

After Kalani revealed during the finale of 90 Day: The Last Resort that she would be divorcing her estranged husband, Asuleu Pulaa, she opened up about the new man in her life, Dallas Nuez.

90 Day Fiance fans learned that Asuelu cheated on Kalani more than a dozen times throughout their marriage, and eventually, she decided that she had enough.

Following Asuelu’s admission to Kalani that he was unfaithful, he offered his wife a hall pass, meaning he gave her permission to kiss another man to even the score.

Kalani took Asuelu up on his offer, and instead of sharing one kiss with her hall pass, Dallas, she ended up having sex with him and catching feelings.

Dallas even visited Kalani in Key West while she supposedly was working on reconciling her marriage with Asuelu during an intense couples therapy session (much to the dismay of 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers).

After publically declaring that she and Asuelu would be ending their marriage, Kalani was finally free to go Instagram official with her and Dallas’ relationship.

Kalani Faagata’s new man Dallas Nuez interacts with 90 Day Fiance fans in Q&A

Now, Dallas is speaking out for the first time since Kalani identified him and shared his IG handle with her followers.

During a recent IG Story Q&A, Dallas opened up about how he and Kalani met, what he loves about his girlfriend of one year, and whether he plans to appear alongside his ladylove in the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

One of Dallas’ followers told him they were “so happy [Kalani is] happy” and asked, “Can you appear on 90 day now pls[?]”

dallas nuez's instagram story
Dallas shared more about his and Kalani’s romance. Pic credit: @dallas.n714/Instagram

“Thank you, her happiness means everything to me,” Dallas wrote, adding that as far as making an appearance on reality TV is concerned, he’s not interested.

“And that’s going to be a no for me,” Dallas said of appearing on 90 Day Fiance.

Dallas also explained that he and Kalani met through social media, although he didn’t provide the specifics, and went into detail about what he loves about the mom of two.

“The fact that her and I are very similar, personality wise…and the fact that she makes me feel good about myself because I’m a self conscious person lol,” Dallas shared.

dallas nuez's instagram story
Dallas shared some information about his and Kalani’s relationship. Pic credit: @dallas.n714/Instagram

When another follower warned Dallas to treat Kalani right, he responded, “I always do! She’s my queen.”

Is Asuelu Pulaa still single following the split from Kalani?

It’s clear Kalani and Dallas are smitten with each other. Now that Kalani is free to spill all the tea about her and Dallas’ romance, we expect — or at least we’re hoping — to hear more from this couple moving forward.

It’s unclear where Kalani and Asuelu are in their divorce proceedings, but the former couple vowed to work on their friendship and remain committed co-parents to their two young sons, Oliver and Kennedy.

While Kalani and Dallas are enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship, it appears that Asuelu is still single… unless he’s also keeping a romance of his own under wraps.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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