Kalani Faagata says she’s done being a ‘doormat’ — ‘that version of me is dead’

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata
Kalani Faagata claps back at a 90 Day Fiance viewer. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani Faagata has been getting heat for her behavior on 90 Day: The Last Resort, but the critics can say what they want because she doesn’t care.

Don’t blame the messenger because Kalani made it clear in a recent post that she’s done being a “doormat.”

Her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa, learned the hard way after he offered his wife a hall pass to kiss someone out of guilt for constantly cheating on her.

However, that proposal backfired in a big way because Kalani had more than a kiss with her hunky hall pass guy, Dallas Nuez.

Not only did she sleep with him, but she started to catch feelings, and spoiler alert, she has since kicked her cheating hubby to the curb for a romance with Dallas.

People have voiced their opinions about the messy marital drama, which is still playing out on the show, but Kalani has a stern message for her critics.

Kalania Faagata is done being a ‘people pleasing doormat’

You know what they say about when a woman’s fed up? Well, Kalani is at that point!

The TLC personality didn’t hold back during an Instagram Q&A with her followers, who had many questions and comments about her marriage.

One commenter made Kalani furious when the person told her, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“I wasn’t trying to make s**t right,” retorted the mom of two. “My new years resolution was to treat people how they treat me. I’m not a take the high road kinda b**ch anymore.”

Kalani noted in her response that she’s spent too many years of her life being a “codependent people pleasing doormat,”

“That version of me is dead,” she added.

Kalani Faagata Instagram Story
Kalani Faagata claps back at a critic. Pic credit: @kalanifaagata/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Asuelu Pulaa cheated on Kalani 12 times

During a tearful therapy session, we recently learned the extent of Asuelu’s cheating ways.

The Samoan native was cheating on Kalani before he even arrived in America and got married.

Kalani said when she found out about Asuelu’s wandering eye, she was already pregnant with their first child and was in the process of bringing him to the U.S., so she hid it from everyone.

Now, all the secrets are out, and the 35-year-old is done being the person to sit back and take it. This time, she’s giving it right back!

In her response to the Instagram critic, Kalani referenced Asuelu cheating on her 12 times and told the Instagram user, “technically I have like 11 wrongs to go 💀.”

90 Day: The Last Resort airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC, Max, and Discovery+.

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