Kalani Faagata puts ‘racist’ troll on blast for comment about boyfriend Dallas Nuez

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata screenshot
Kalani Faagata puts a racist troll on blast. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani Faagata was inching closer to sharing a full photo of her boyfriend, Dallas Nuez, but one troll messed things up.

After sharing a snippet of Dallas’ face on social media recently, the 90 Day: Love in Paradise star got a racist DM criticizing her new beau.

The brunette beauty put the nasty troll on blast and shared the screenshot with her 942,000 Instagram followers.

Kalani has been teasing the world with snaps of Dallas but has yet to do a full reveal.

We got a lot of details about the new couple on the premiere season of the spinoff show, which featured Kalani and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Asuelu Pulaa.

The serial cheater allowed his wife a hall pass after years of infidelity, but things didn’t turn out the way he had hoped.

Instead, Kalani and Dallas started to develop feelings for each other, and what was meant to be a one-night stand has now blossomed into a romance.

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata drools over her boyfriend Dallas Nuez

The 90 Day Fiance star posted a photo of Dallas on her Instagram Story, recently as she drooled over her hot new man.

The snap showed Dallas rocking a life vest with his tribal arm tattoo in full view as he ran his hands through his wet hair after a day out on the waters.

Kalani tagged Dallas in the post, but she covered some of his face with a picture of a drooling face emoji.

Kalani Faagata's Instagram Story
Dallas Nuez strikes a pose. Pic credit: @kalanifaagata/Instagram

Kalani Faagata claps back at a racist troll and puts her on blast

Kalani proved exactly why she won’t do a full reveal of her man on Instagram because the trolls are lying in wait to spur their hate.

One woman, in particular, wasn’t too happy with Kalani for hiding Dallas and she promptly sent a DM steeped in racism to the mom of two.

The Instagram user responded to the photo of Dallas and wrote, “white head in his nose, lint on his beard. Why so secretive over him, he looks like Asuelo. Lazy like all those Samoans.”

Kalani had a hilarious clap back telling the woman, named Marilyn Charging Crow, “You can’t be hideous and racist –pick a struggle, embarrassing a** …And FYI he’s part your people

Screenshot of Kalani Faagata's Instagram DM
Kalani Faagata shares a nasty DM. Pic credit: @kalanifaagata/Instagram

Kalani shared a screenshot of their exchange and explained to her followers, “Quite literally why I don’t fully share him, because some people are psychotic.”

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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susanna rowe
susanna rowe
6 months ago

Don’t let the TROLLS take your joy away be happy and proud post your pics i would love to see his pictures along with you.