Kalani Faagata is tired of being ‘harrassed’ and accused of cheating on Asuelu Pulaa: ‘I didn’t cheat’

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Kalani maintains that she didn’t cheat on Asuelu. Pic credit: @kalanifaagata9952/YouTube

If there’s one thing Kalani Faagata is sick and tired of, it’s being called a cheater.

The 90 Day Fiance star shocked fans of the franchise when she revealed that she had taken advantage of Asuelu Pulaa’s hall pass offer during their appearance on The Last Resort.

After admitting that he cheated on his wife multiple times, Asuelu thought that giving Kalani the opportunity to kiss another man of her choosing would soften the blow.

Following her and Asuelu’s 90 Day: The Last Resort stay, Kalani teased her “hall pass” on social media, who we later learned is her current boyfriend, Dallas Nuez.

Kalani came under fire by some 90 Day Fiance fans who felt that two wrongs don’t make a right and accused her of being guilty of infidelity just as much as Asuelu was — particularly since she and Asuelu were still technically married when she hooked up with Dallas.

Amid the continued backlash, Kalani is speaking out and making it clear that she doesn’t consider herself a cheater.

Kalani Fagaata shuts down claims that she cheated on Asuelu Pulaa

The mom of two recently conducted a Q&A in her Instagram Story, prompting her followers to ask her a question.

One of the questions came from a fan who asked Kalani, “Are you still with the guy that you cheated with. Also girl I’m not hating! You needed out!”

Kalani responded to the question with a video, telling her followers with a smile, “I didn’t cheat.”

“In my actual real life — which is what we’re gonna address right now, okay? — everything went bad with my marriage [in] November 2022. Dipped immediately because I had had enough at that point and then after, [I] met Dallas.”

“So, two separate men, two separate times,” Kalani added. “Never at the same time cuz I don’t cheat, and I’m not a cheater.”

Kalani explained that she understands why her critics might think she was unfaithful to Asuelu but admitted that it’s still “f**king annoying to get harassed” every day on social media about it.

A similar question about Kalani and Dallas’ meet-up in Florida during her marriage retreat got the TLC star flustered once more.

This time, a follower wrote in her DMs, “And you left the resort to go have s*x with your side man.”

Kalani explained that her marriage retreat in Florida took place in January 2023 and had a succinct reply, although she didn’t go into specifics.

“I was with one person at the time, so…” Kalani said.

Kalani calls out 90 Day Fiance viewers

Kalani has continued to defend her stance amid the criticism she’s received. Last summer, Kalani took aim at those who chastised her decision to take Asuleu up on his offer.

In an Instagram Reel, Kalani posed in bed, as text over the video read, “POV: You took the hallpass.”

In the caption, Kalani called out her haters, writing, “It’s okay when he does it, it’s a problem when I do it? 🤔”

These days, Kalani is clearly much happier after finding love again after deciding to split from Asuelu.

Kalani and Dallas are still going strong, and the couple recently celebrated their one-year anniversary together.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premieres on Sunday, March 17, at 8/7c on TLC.

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