Kail Lowry’s rep reveals if she’s back with Javi Marroquin, explains why his phone was connected in her car

Javi Marroquin and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Are Kail and Javi back together? Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry has been sparking rumors that she and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin have rekindled their romance, and her rep is clearing the air about their relationship.

Kail had fans and critics scratching their heads recently when she shared a pic on her Instagram story showing Javi’s iPhone connected to her car stereo.

Kail disclosed that she was listening to the song Down on Me by Jeremih and 50 Cent and added the caption, “This just came on my shuffle,” along with laughing emojis.

Now, Kail’s rep is setting the record straight about her involvement with Javi and why his iPhone was synced to her car’s Bluetooth.

Kail Lowry’s rep issues statement about her relationship with Javi Marroquin

Kail’s rep spoke with In Touch on Friday, August 13, and said that the former couple is “not back together,” but they spend a lot of time together to support their son, Lincoln, 7.

“With how involved they both are in their son Lincoln’s football activities, Javi has carpooled with the boys and his phone has been connected for that reason,” Kail’s rep explained. “Simply innocent co-parenting!”

Kail and Javi recently announced that they’re going into business together, inspired by their son Lincoln’s love of sports, offering youth sports camps across the country.

Kail’s rep also released a statement to E! News and shot down rumors that she and Javi are an item once again.

Her rep said, “Kail and Javi are NOT back together, but they are very dedicated to a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship for their son, Lincoln. They are both heavily involved in his football activities, and this has resulted in them spending more time together.”

“Kail is happy that they are in this place as friends because a positive co-parenting relationship is a win for everyone involved,” the rep added.

Kail and Javi can’t seem to escape each other

Kail and Javi were married from 2012 until 2017 when they divorced. Since then, the exes have been working on co-parenting their son Lincoln, and have recently hinted at some flirtatious vibes.

There have been other signs that Kail and Javi are giving love another try — while Kail was vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four sons, Javi “came through hard” for his ex-wife when he translated between Kail and the Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses when her son Creed needed stitches.

In fact, co-parenting is going so well between the two that Kail also revealed she would be open to vacationing with Javi.

Javi and Kail sparked rumors they were an item after Javi’s ex-fiance, Lauren Comeau, allegedly “hit and kicked” him during a drop-off for their son, Eli.

Kail went on a rant on her Instagram story, aimed at bashing Lauren, and Javi joined her as she spewed insults at her ex-husband’s ex-fiancé.

Kail stuck up for Javi when she told Lauren, via social media, “This is not something that I’m going to allow my ex-husband to go down for. Just not going to happen because my son is also affected by this. Be real. Own your s**t like the rest of us.”

Teen Mom 2 fans question Kail and Javi’s relationship

Some Teen Mom 2 fans think Kail and Javi are using each other and aren’t really interested in a relationship. Critics voiced that Javi is likely “thirsty” to get back on Teen Mom 2, and with the show’s ratings hitting “shocking” new lows, Kail could be using Javi to boost ratings.

When Kail hinted about the possibility of getting back together with Javi, she made it seem as though they’ll be keeping fans guessing.

In her own words, Kail said, “I won’t say that we will never get back together because I feel like ‘never say never,’ but I do really like where we’re at right now.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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