Kail Lowry’s new boyfriend gets support from his sister after Teen Mom 2 fans bashed him

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry
The sister of Kail Lowry’s boyfriend came to his defense after Teen Mom 2 trolls attacked his character. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail Lowry’s new boyfriend came under fire by Teen Mom 2 trolls in a recent social media post, but his sister threw major shade when she came to his defense.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kail has a new man in her life. According to Kail’s ex Chris Lopez, the man is living in Kail’s new Delaware home with her and her four sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

Kail Lowry’s ex Malik Montgomery, Teen Mom 2 fans drag her new boyfriend, Elijah Scott

Kail’s new man is rumored to be Elijah Scott, the “hot neighbor” she often references on her podcasts. Kail’s new man is said to be a 23-year-old divorcee, has served time in the U.S. Army, has no children of his own, and lives on the same street as the Teen Mom 2 star.

A Teen Mom fan account, Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram, recently shared a post with a reaction from Kail’s rumored ex-boyfriend, Malik Montgomery, after he found out Kail had replaced him with a new, younger boyfriend. Malik’s comment on the post read, “Played me for the kid ??? thrive on girl.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers dragged Kail’s new man Elijah in the post’s comments section, prompting his sister Jasmine to stick up for her brother and call out the trolls who had negative things to say about him without even knowing him.

Sister of Kail’s new man comes to his defense after Teen Mom 2 fans bash him

“Imma speak my mind and leave it at that,” Jasmine began her rant defending Elijah. “Don’t none of y’all know my little brother nor do y’all have the right to say anything about him outta pocket.”

Kail’s boyfriend’s sister continued to come for Elijah’s haters, explaining that they don’t know him except for what Instagram shared about him. In fact, she claimed that Chris Lopez was incorrect in saying he lives with Kail.

“Y’all want to know the truth so damn bad, he doesn’t live with her, he bought his house before she bought hers n has been there for a while,” Jasmine wrote in her comment.

One of the main complaints Teen Mom 2 fans had about Elijah from the pictures shared of him was that he held a gun in one of the photos. Jasmine explained that as well: “That picture was the day of his wedding and if you seen the whole thing you’d understand it was more then just holding a gun.. like y’all make me sick frfr.”

As Monsters and Critics also reported recently, Kail’s ex Malik threatened to write a tell-all book about their relationship, which many Teen Mom 2 fans felt was his way of cashing in on Kail’s fame. According to screenshots shared by Malik, Kail threatened to sue him for speaking out amid an NDA he signed.

Kail surely lives up to her self-coined term “Kail and the Chaos” when it comes to her personal life, which is full of lawsuits, baby daddy drama, and co-star feuds.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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