Kail Lowry, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers call out Jade Cline for missing daughter’s birthday while filming

TMFR star Jade Cline and her daughter Kloie
Jade Cline missed her daughter Kloie’s fourth birthday to film for Teen Mom Family Reunion. Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry called out Jade Cline for missing her daughter Kloie’s fourth birthday to film for Teen Mom Family Reunion and viewers sided with Kail.

On this week’s episode of TMFR, Jade revealed that she wouldn’t be home in Indiana to celebrate Kloie’s fourth birthday with her because she was filming the spinoff in California. Jade shares her daughter Kloie with her on-and-off boyfriend and baby daddy, Sean Austin.

Since she wasn’t going to make it home, Jade shared a video call with her BFFs, sisters Briana and Brittany DeJesus, and the group sang Happy Birthday to Kloie.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry calls out Jade Cline for missing daughter’s fourth birthday to film

Following the episode, Kail Lowry conducted her usual recap on her Coffee Convos podcast with co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

When the topic of Jade missing Kloie’s birthday came up, Kail told her listeners, “Let me just say this. I did see that Jade wished her daughter a happy birthday from there.”

“I don’t want to mom-shame but that’s another reason…I would never miss my kid’s birthday to be there with Teen Mom cast,” Kail added.

Kail wasn’t the only one who felt Jade was in the wrong for choosing filming over being home on her daughter’s birthday. TMFR viewers voted in a poll after the episode.

Teen Mom Tea on Instagram conducted the poll in their Instagram Stories. They asked TMFR viewers to vote on whether they agreed with thoughts submitted by other viewers.

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers agree with Kail Lowry

One submission read, “How does jade never have child care on the show but she can to travel?” TMFR viewers voted and 97% agreed with the statement.

tmfr viewers agree jade never has childcare for kloie but travels for the show
Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

Another TMFR viewer wrote in, “I would never miss my kids birthday for this trip! SMH at jade,” with which 88% of viewers agreed.

Jade and Sean have come under fire by Teen Mom 2 viewers for their parenting skills. Last season, Kloie exhibited typical toddler behavior, which Jade and Sean struggled with, causing division between them.

Teen Mom 2 viewers said Jade and Sean’s reactions to Kloie’s behavior was “hard to watch,” as many felt they were overly strict with Kloie and borderline abusive. At one point, Jade asked camera crews to stop filming because she felt embarrassed when things got heated.

tmfr viewers said they wouldn't miss their kids' birthday to film
Pic credit: @teenmom.tea/Instagram

After receiving criticism for her parenting, Jade addressed her critics and claimed that MTV “chose to share far more difficult times” rather than good ones.

“We bond a lot, we play together, we learn together, and we have a really great relationship,” Jade said of her mother-daughter relationship with Kloie. “She’s a very happy and intelligent young girl. Moral of the story is you can’t believe every single thing you see on TV and think that’s how life is for us 24/7.”

The season finale of Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday, March 1 at 8/7c on MTV.

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