Kail Lowry teases another podcast amid Teen Mom 2 filming hiatus, fans and critics weigh in

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry
Kail Lowry is talking about a potential third podcast in the works and Teen Mom 2 fans gave their opinions on the idea. Pic credit: MTV

Kail Lowry pitched the idea of hosting a third podcast to her fans and Teen Mom 2 viewers weighed in.

In addition to filming for Teen Mom 2, Kail Lowry also co-hosts two podcasts, Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley and Baby Mamas No Drama with Vee Rivera.

The 29-year-old reality TV star also stays busy raising her four sons – Isaac, 12, Lincoln, 8, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1 – as well as juggling several other business ventures.

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Adding a third podcast to her plate sounds like a lot for Kail, but she told her fans that she’s come to love podcasting and recently pitched her idea on social media.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry pitches third podcast idea to fans

Kail took to Facebook as well as her Instagram Stories to pitch her idea to her fans and get their feedback, as seen below in the screenshots from Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram.

Kail told her Instagram followers via her Stories that if she were to host another podcast, it would not replace the two she currently hosts but be an addition to them.

Also, Kail made it clear that she keeps the content on her podcasts separate – for example, she only invites Teen Mom as guests on her Coffee Convos podcast.

Kail mentioned that she would want to invite people from her past as guests, such as ex-boyfriends, people she grew up with, and other “public figures and such.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers took to the comments on the Instagram post and weighed in on whether they’d be interested in listening to another podcast hosted by Kail.

Teen Mom 2 fans weigh in on Kail Lowry hosting a third podcast

One comment referenced the fact that Kail admittedly hasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2 in months, and revealed that she subsequently took a pay cut as a result.

“She is trying to get enough sponsors to where she no longer needs that MTV check. ?” the comment read. “Let’s see if this third one is about everything she refuses to film and not her baby daddies lmao.”

Another Teen Mom 2 fan mocked Kail’s current home build in Delaware, which she called her “biggest accomplishment” in 2021. However, Kail already has plans to move into another home, although she hasn’t moved into her new one yet.

“Gotta make that coin for house build #2 before moving into #1,” their comment read.

Teen Mom 2 fans commented on kail lowry's idea for a third podcast on instagram
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

One Teen Mom 2 showed support for Kail and wrote, “Go her! They’ve been successful and she’s making a living for her & her kids.”

Poking fun at Kail’s feud with her Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana DeJesus, another commenter wrote, “Have Brianna go on. That’ll get alot of views.”

Since revealing that she quit filming for Teen Mom 2, it’s unclear if she’s taking a temporary hiatus or is done with the franchise for good. The New York Times best-selling author always finds ways to earn income and she seems to be shifting her focus onto new business endeavors these days.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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