Kail Lowry talks possibility of Teen Mom 2 spinoff with 3 baby daddies, calls herself ‘white trash’ Kardashian

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry talks spinoff of Teen Mom 2 starring herself. Pic credit: MTV

Kailyn Lowry knows that her family is non-traditional and because of her role on Teen Mom 2, everyone else knows too. Thankfully, she has a great sense of humor and can make light of her situation as she tries to navigate motherhood and reality TV fame as the mother of four children with three different men.

The Teen Mom 2 star was recently a guest on Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, where the women chatted about Kail’s unusual family dynamic. Kailyn Lowry talked about how she has three baby daddies, all of whom also have their own kids as well.

Brandi Glanville gives Kailyn an idea on her podcast to start a giant show of her own

After Kailyn revealed to Brandi that she had these three baby daddies, and all of them also have other kids (so siblings to her own four kids), Brandi stated, “You guys could have a giant show of your own.”

Kailyn declared, “We definitely should. I don’t know why no one has offered at this point because honestly my life is a s*** show, so it could really work out.”

Kailyn as the ‘white trash’ Kardashian

Brandi went on to say to Kailyn, “You guys could be the new Kardashians, like three baby daddies. Yeah, like a different, less rich.”

Kailyn laughed and then declared, “Yeah, yeah, but the white trash versions. Yeah, for sure.” So Kailyn thought she and her kids, their baby daddies, and their families, could be just like the Kardashians, but more like the white trash Kardashians… which, when you get down to it means the same drama and controversy, but less money, less fame, and more white trash, less class.

Brandi went on to say that she wasn’t going to say it like that, but she was glad that Kailyn did because she was not about to get canceled. So Brandi brought up the idea, but Kailyn was much more blunt and apologetic about her family dynamics.

For Brandi’s full podcast, you can visit Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

Who are all of Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddies, their partners, and the other siblings?

Kailyn and Jo Rivera had Isaac together, who is now twelve, and Jo and his wife, Vee, have their own daughter, Vivi, who is five.

Kail and ex, Javi Marroquin, share custody of their son, Lincoln, who is eight. Javi and Lauren Comeau have a son, Eli (2), together.

Kailyn’s baby daddy to her two youngest kids, Lux (4) and Creed (1), is Chris Lopez, who just recently became a dad to another little boy named Trew, nicknamed CJ. The mother of little Trew has not been announced by Chris.

Kailyn has had to defend herself and her two youngest kids a lot lately in the limelight, as fans have questioned Kail on whether Lux and Creed have the same dad. She has also been in some controversy with other teen moms who are on the Teen Mom Family Reunion show.

Will Teen Mom entertain this thought now that it’s out there?

So lots of controversy, lots of drama, and lots of baby daddies… sounds like the perfect recipe for a spin-off.

It truly does seem like Kailyn might actually entertain a show surrounding all her baby daddies, their significant others (or exes), their kids together, and all that drama entwined. The big question is whether her baby daddies would be on board.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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