Kail Lowry says she’s not a ‘super spreader’ after critics accuse her of spreading COVID-19

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Critics accused Kail Lowry of being a COVID-19 “super spreader.” Pic credit: MTV

Longtime Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry and her four boys tested positive for COVID-19, and some critics accused her of being a “super spreader” of the virus.

Kail slammed online haters who have been accusing her of exponentially spreading COVID-19 after she and her sons contracted the virus while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Kail Lowry and her four sons tested positive for COVID-19

The MTV star and her sons, Isaac, Lincoln, Lux and Creed, enjoyed a two-week-long vacation on the Caribbean island, where she was also joined by her BFF and Teen Mom 2 castmate, Leah Messer.

Although Kail tested negative twice in a row before leaving the island resort, she and her boys tested positive when they returned home, and had to test again before filming for Teen Mom 2.

Kail’s critics have been talking online about her supposedly spreading the virus, and the mom of four addressed the criticism on her podcast, Coffee Convos with co-host, Lindsie Chrisley.

Kail addresses haters calling her a ‘super spreader’

“People are online talking s**t saying that I’m a super spreader and things like that, but my entire family came home with, I didn’t give my whole family Corona,” Kail told her listeners.

“We were all in the same places at the exact same time. I told the story on Baby Mamas but I am not a super spreader,” Kail explained.

Kail’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host, Vee Rivera, also contracted COVID-19, and many think she caught it from Kail.

Kail continued to explain that she took the necessary precautions, like quarantining as soon as she and her boys received positive tests.

The Teen Mom 2 star says she’s followed protocol

“As soon as I found out I had Covid I quarantined immediately, so for those of you guys listening, obviously had I known I had Covid, (I tested negative twice), so had I known that before I would not have been out,” Kail said of being in public before receiving a positive test result.

Kail wasn’t happy about her critics online insinuating that she was purposefully spreading the virus. “But I saw a bunch of comments just being complete a**holes cause I would never go purposefully spread Coronavirus, or like go out in public if I knew I had Corona,” Kail affirmed.

After fan speculation that Kail was infected with the virus — when she reported feeling ill and losing her sense of smell and taste — she finally confirmed her diagnosis on the latest episode of Baby Mamas No Drama with Vee.

“For those of you who don’t know, Vee and I have Covid,” Kail admitted to her Baby Mamas No Drama listeners last week.

Kail and Vee aren’t the only Teen Mom 2 cast members to test positive for COVID-19 recently — Ashley Jones’s mom, Tea, confirmed that Ashley is currently recovering from the virus, and asked fans for prayers and well wishes.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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