Kail Lowry says others make money off her name, Teen Mom 2 viewers chime in

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry claimed that people make money off her name and Teen Mom 2 viewers chimed in. Pic credit: MTV

Kail Lowry has claimed that people make money off her name, and Teen Mom 2 viewers shared their thoughts.

Kail knows a thing or two about making money, having starred in Teen Mom 2 since 2011, becoming a New York Times best-selling author, hosting three podcasts, and several other business ventures that have earned her major cash.

The reality TV star is also a social media influencer, offers her own line of wallpaper, recently founded a podcast network named KILLR, offers a line of baby goods, and has authored a total of five books.

Kail Lowry says people make money off her name

The 30-year-old mom of four recently shared a lighthearted video on TikTok mocking other people making money off her name.

In the video, Kail pretended to push the buttons on a calculator while a beeping and clicking sound played.

“Me calculating how much $$$ people make off my name,” Kail captioned the video.

Kail didn’t even have to speak a word, and her TikTok followers flocked to the comments to weigh in, with the video receiving over 23k likes and over 400 comments.

Teen Mom 2 viewers show support for Kail

“It’ll be broke by the time you’re done calculating ?,” wrote one of Kail’s followers.

Another jokingly penned, “Send out them W2s next year girl ?”

One of Kail’s fans mentioned her nemesis, Briana DeJesus’ upcoming podcast, which she recently announced she’ll be co-hosting with her sister, Brittany DeJesus.

kail lowry's tiktok followers commented on her video about others making money off her name
Pic credit: @kaillowry/TikTok

“Brianas podcast is about to be all about you ???” the fan wrote, implying that Briana will be one of the people making money off Kail’s name.

“???? facts,” wrote another one of Kail’s supporters. “U were the episode without even being in it.”

The episode the fan was referring to aired on March 15. During the episode, Kail did not appear in any segments, which she told her fans about ahead of its airing, explaining it was her choice not to film.

Despite her absence, Kail was a major topic of contention during the episode. When Briana met up with Kail’s ex and third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, it stirred up controversy among many Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans felt that Briana and Chris hooked up, despite Briana’s insistence they didn’t. Chris talked about Kail and their rocky co-parenting relationship during his scenes with Briana.

Although Kail didn’t name any of the people making money off her name in the TikTok, she likely aimed her video at Briana and Chris, given their recent beef.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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