Kail Lowry flaunts new slimmer figure after feud with Briana DeJesus plays out on Teen Mom 2

Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry is sporting a slimmer figure these days ever since Briana DeJesus sent her a treadmill. Pic credit: MTV

One of the original cast members from Teen Mom 2, Kail Lowry, is sporting a slimmer figure these days and recently flaunted her trimmer waistline.

In December 2021, Kail’s castmate and longtime nemesis Briana DeJesus shipped a treadmill to her new Delaware home.

Kail perceived the gesture as a form of fat-shaming on Briana’s part, which Briana and her attorney denied, calling Kail “petty” for thinking such a thing.

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry continues to flaunt weight loss after Briana DeJesus’ treadmill gift

Since the treadmill arrived, Kail has continued to work on her weight loss and recently took to her Instagram stories, where she showed off her trimmer waistline.

Kail stood in front of a full-length mirror in the bathroom of her new, custom Delaware home and modeled a Henley top and black leggings, showing off her noticeable transformation. The Teen Mom 2 star wore her new, shorter hair parted down the middle as she posed for the makeup-free video.

The 29-year-old mom of four took a poll after asking her fans, “I hate wearing color but I took a leap. How are we feeling about this top from Athleta?” Kail’s followers voted, and 97% of them loved Kail’s new top, which she discussed further in her video.

kail lowry flaunted her trimmer waistline on IG
Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail’s weight loss journey

Kail has been open about her struggle to lose weight, mostly due to her PCOS diagnosis or polycystic ovary syndrome, which often causes weight gain. In December, Kail opened up to her fans about embarking on a weight loss journey and documented her first day back to the gym, which she struggled to push through.

Kail also mentioned last December that she would like to be a “little bit slimmer” before her 30th birthday, which is just around the corner on March 14. “I actually feel like my entire adult life is me trying to motivate myself to get back in the gym,” Kail shared.

“Staying motivated is tough & then once I’m off my schedule once, it just spirals,” she admitted. “So, if I could just stick to it this time, I might be able to go into 30 in March – my birthday’s in March – maybe a little lighter, a little fitter, a little slimmer, I don’t know.”

Earlier this month, Kail took a jab at Briana when her Instagram followers took notice of her incredible weight loss. In response to one of her fans’ comments, Kail told them, “I’ve been using the treadmill bri sent.”

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