Kail Lowry and baby daddy Chris Lopez wish their son Lux a happy fourth birthday

Kail Lowry, Lux and Chris Lopez of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez wished their son Lux a happy fourth birthday. Pic credit: MTV

Happy birthday, Lux! Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry’s son Lux turned four years old and she and his dad, Chris Lopez, were sure to commemorate him on his special day.

Lux Russell Lowry is celebrating his birthday today and the adorable preschooler got shout-outs from both Mom and Dad.

Kail Lowry wishes son Lux a happy fourth birthday

Kail took to her Instagram account to wish her third eldest son a happy birthday. She included a montage of photos of her long-haired son and herself.

Lux, who Teen Mom 2 fans feel is Kail’s “favorite kid,” held a toy sword in one shot taken on the beach, and he posed with his mom, Kail, for an up-close selfie. Another pic showed Lux posing on a yacht in the Dominican Republic, and some with his brothers, Isaac and Lincoln.

Kail shares son Lux and his little brother, Creed, with Chris Lopez. She also shares son Isaac with Jo Rivera and son Lincoln with Javi Marroquin.

Kail thanked her followers for Lux’s birthday wishes in the comments and captioned her post, “Happy 4th birthday to my baby! @luxrlowry ?? I cannot believe it’s been 4 years already.”

Lux’s dad Chris Lopez wishes him a happy fourth birthday

Lux’s dad, Chris Lopez, took to his own Instagram account to wish his firstborn son a happy fourth birthday. Chris also included a montage of photos of himself and Lux.

In one pic, Lux pretended to be Spiderman as he posed on a bridge and sported a pair of sunglasses in another shot. Chris and Lux had some fun with a pic taken outside with Lux imitating his dad’s pose on a picnic table, and another showed Lux sporting his Spiderman shirt in another adorable outdoor pic.

“Big 4x! I can’t believe I got a 4 year old now? Happy Birthday Lux?,” Chris told his followers in the caption.

Lux’s party was canceled due to COVID-19

Kail had originally planned for Lux and Creed to have a joint birthday party since the brothers have birthdays only six days apart. Creed celebrated his first birthday on July 30.

However, Kail announced that she and all four of her sons contracted COVID-19 while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, and the party had to be canceled.

Kail talked about the rescheduled party, now slated for September 4, on her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast with co-host, Vee Rivera. Kail’s guest list for Lux and Creed’s party doesn’t include their dad, Chris — but it does include Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

The Teen Mom 2 veteran explained to Vee of the new party date, “I invited you, and I did invite Javi. And I invited a couple members of Chris’ family but I did not invite Chris.”

She added, “But things are not good. So it’s to be expected. I feel like he’ll do his own situation, which is fine.”

When it comes to Kail spending more time with her ex, Javi, it has sparked a lot of rumors that the former couple has rekindled their romance. But Chris made it clear he doesn’t want to be responsible for any of those rumors.

When asked by a fan if Kail and Javi were back together, Chris told them, “I don’t know anything about what the hell they got going on. What people do in their spare time ain’t nothing to do with me, alright? That’s what I’m saying.”

Chris added, “Y’all ain’t about to start no rumors saying that ‘Chris confirm,’ but Chris ain’t confirm s**t. If that’s what those people want it to make it look like they’re doing and if they want y’all to think twice … I don’t know.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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