Justin Hall reunites with his dog Mya after unfortunate MAFS incident

MAFS star Justin Hall screenshot
Justin Hall reunites with his dog Mya. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s hard to forget the emotional moment from Season 15 between Justin Hall and his dog, Mya.

However, we’re excited to announce that there’s a happy ending to the story.

Justin had Married at First Sight fans excited when he shared a recent post of Mya, who is finally back home after a lengthy period of behavioral training.

Things took an unfortunate turn when Justin married fellow dog owner Alexis Williams and they attempted an introduction between the two pets.

That resulted in Alexis’s dog, Newton, being attacked by Mya, who had shown aggression and other issues in the past – something Justin neglected to share.

Ultimately, Alexis clarified that she was uncomfortable around Mya and insisted that Justin remove her from the home.

Left with a choice of his dog or his marriage, the 34-year-old chose the latter and Mya was sent to a facility for training while Justin worked on his relationship.

At the end of the season, Justin and Alexis opted for divorce and have long since moved on with their lives, but what happened to Mya?

Justin Hall reunites with his dog Mya after a biting incident on MAFS

It’s unclear how long Mya remained in the facility she was sent to after the biting incident, but the good news is that she’s back with Justin.

The MAFS star shared a happy photo on Instagram with his gorgeous pet, writing, “This dog is my whole world!”

Back in January, Justin shared his first photo of Mya since the incident and declared that they had finally reunited after an extended amount of time apart.

“Hold your breath, brace yourself for the suspense! Amid a barrage of comments and DMs, the burning question echoes: ‘Is Mya back?’ *drumroll intensifies*” wrote Justin.

“Behold, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – introducing the one and only Mya girl! 🌟🐾 ,” he added.

MAFS fans are happy that Mya is back home with Justin

MAFS Season 15 just landed on Netflix and a flock of new and long-time viewers are happy to find Justin’s page and get an update on Mya.

“I just did a whole witch hunt to find your account just to find out if you got Mya back 😂♥️😭 I’m so happy you did!,” wrote one commenter.

“I am just now watching your season on netflix …and paused the tv mid stream in episode 8 to find out if you got Mya back!!” said someone else.

MAFS fan comments for Justin Hall
MAFS viewers weigh in. Pic credit: @the_colorgrey/Instagram

A MAFS viewer exclaimed, “This is literally all I cared about after watching your season. So happy to see you have your Mya girl back 🥰 I wish you both the best.”

Someone else said, “First thing I did after binge watching this was finding out if you and Mya reunited! 🐾 so happy!”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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