Justin Glaze shades Andrew Spencer over Bachelor in Paradise drama

Justin Glaze
Justin Glaze pokes fun at Andrew Spencer’s love for Rodney Mathews. Pic credit: ABC 

Justin Glaze was feeling shady in a set of comments about his good friend and The Bachelorette Season 17 costar Andrew Spencer. 

Justin and Andrew both appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, hoping to find love after pursuing Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette. 

While Justin struck up connections with Genevieve Parisi and Eliza Isichei on the beach, he ultimately ended his BIP journey single. 

Now, Justin has taken to social media to detail the type of love he wants while throwing shade Andrew’s way. 

Andrew made comments on BIP suggesting Rodney Mathews was more ready for a serious relationship than Justin.

Justin then humorously reacted to his friend talking behind his back a month ago and recently updated the shady tweet. 

Justin Glaze teases wanting someone like Andrew Spencer 

Last month, Justin tweeted after hearing how Andrew spoke about him in confessionals. 

Andrew expressed feeling that Justin was the flashy option for women on the beach rather than the more viable husband material in men like Rodney. 

Justin tweeted, ‘I want someone that talks about me behind my back like @andrewzspencer talks about me behind my back.” 

Then, after seeing Andrew praise Rodney and become choked up with emotion after Rodney’s sad and sudden BIP exit, Justin retweeted and added, “*update* I just want someone that talks about me the way Andrew talks about Rodney.” 

Justin Glaze tweets
Pic credit: @Justin_Glaze/Twitter

Justin Glaze reacts to ‘condensed’ conversation with Eliza Isichei 

Justin’s time on Bachelor in Paradise was full of twists and turns. 

First, Justin bonded with Genevieve Parisi, but the pair argued often, and Genevieve eventually left him for Aaron Clancy. 

Then, Justin experienced on-screen and off-screen drama when Salley Carson was set to come on the island. Rumors swirled that he and Sally had previously been affectionate at Stagecoach. Salley’s time on the beach was brief, leaving Justin without a connection and leading to his elimination. 

However, Justin’s journey didn’t end there. He returned to the island to pursue Eliza, who was in the middle of a seemingly passionate relationship with Rodney. 

Justin won Eliza over; however, when it came time to hand out her rose, Eliza let the pressure get the best of her and gave her rose to Rodney. 

Even after a second elimination, Justin’s screen time still wasn’t done. 

Eliza broke up with Rodney, devastating him and the rest of the cast, and flew to meet Justin and try and rekindle the relationship. During their conversation, Justin shared that he was going to choose himself instead of their relationship. 

Justin and Eliza’s conversation appeared brief on the show, but Justin revealed there was a lot more to the story. 

He tweeted, “A 3 hour conversation condensed into 30 seconds.” 

Justin Glaze tweet
Pic credit: @Justin_Glaze/Twitter

Time will tell if Justin and Eliza address what more was said in their conversation when the cast reunites for the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion. 

It also remains to be seen if Justin and Andrew will fire more shots at each other, but fortunately, since the two are pals, it’ll likely all be friendly fire. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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