Juliana Custodio with ‘no filter no makeup’ says her skin has improved

Juliana Custodio
Juliana Custodio showed 90 Day Fiance fans her true skin. Pic credit: @julianacustodiooo/Instagram

Former 90 Day Fiance star Juliana Custodio is fresh off a trip she took with her baby son Benjamin to her home country of Brazil, and it looks like the trip was positive in more ways than one.

Juliana is back home in Germany with her fiance and baby daddy, Benjamin Obscura, and was showing off her glowing skin upon her return from Brazil.

In the video she shared with her 437,000 followers on Instagram, the 24-year-old captured her face from different angles while wearing a hoodie and her hair down.

In the caption of the shot, Juliana remarked, “No filter no makeup. My skin got so much better in Brazil, I hope stay’s like that [laughing/crying emoji.]”

Fashion model Juliana’s complexion was smooth, even-toned, and both blemish and wrinkle-free.

Juliana did not speak in the video or elaborate on what being home in Brazil did to make her skin clear up.

Juliana Custodio's Instagram Story
Juliana Custodio goes makeup free in new selfie. Pic credit: @julianacustodiooo/Instagram

Juliana Custodio recently had a teeth makeover in Turkey

In mid-January 2023, Juliana shared a video in conjunction with @smile_dental_turkey, where she talked about having dental work done in Antalya, Turkey.

She showed X-Rays of her mouth before having work done, and it was clear that she had some teeth missing and gaps between her teeth.

Juliana spoke from a couch with her new straight, complete, and white smile and spoke about how happy she was with the entire process.

Juliana Custodio returned to modeling just weeks after giving birth

Juliana gave birth to baby Benjamin on July 19, 2022, and was back to modeling by early September.

At that time, Juliana gave a behind-the-scenes look at a shoot she was doing and relayed how happy she was to be back at work. The modeling work she was doing was geotagged in Denmark, which means she traveled from her home in Germany for the job.

Another remarkable feat by the young mother was her ability to lose a significant amount of weight shortly after Benjamin’s birth.

On August 10, 2022, Juliana shared that she was already down 20 pounds and that her goal was to lose another 20. She said she thought she lost most of the weight because her baby was heavy.

When talking to 90 Day Fiance fans about her pregnancy on a different occasion, Juliana shared that she lost most of the muscle she worked out for five years to get and was slowly trying to build it back up.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-9 are available to stream on Discovery+.

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