Juliana Custodio slammed internet trolls for messaging her stepdaughter about Michael Jessen divorce

Juliana Custodio
Juliana used social media to condemn 90 Day Fiance trolls who were trying to get information on her breakup with Michael from her stepdaughter. Pic credit: TLC

Juliana went on the offensive on TikTok in response to trolls who have been messaging her stepdaughter Cece on the platform, looking for information on her and Michael’s divorce.

Michael and Juliana are in the middle of a rather uncomfortable public breakup in which both sides have hurled insults and aired some dirty laundry.

It looks like 90 Day Fiance trolls or interested onlookers have tried to pry information where they shouldn’t and Juliana made a stand against it.

Juliana Custodio told off 90 Day Fiance critics who were asking her stepdaughter for information on her divorce from Michael Jessen

In a TikTok video, Juliana addressed the situation she has been dealing with of trolls commenting on her stepdaughter Cece’s TikTok account asking for information on the breakup between Juliana and Michael.

In the video Juliana begins, “Hello guys, how are you doing today? So I came here today just to ask you a big big big favor.”

She continued, “If you guys could stop going to Cece’s TikTok, Cece’s my stepdaughter, and ask her about the divorce or any question related to my relationship with her dad.”

She ended the video by saying, “This is hard enough for everyone and I would appreciate if you guys stop bother a ten years old girl that has nothing to do with any of this bulls**t. So stop. Grow up. She’s a child, okay? That’s it. Thank you.”

The video got almost 1500 likes and over 70 comments.

Juliana Custodio made it clear that she has already moved on from Michael Jessen

Michael was the first to break the ice on the end of his marriage to Juliana saying that she has moved on with someone else and their breakup was a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Juliana responded with her side of things, saying that she was financially supporting their household and his ex-wife’s, and that she was treated like a maid by everyone and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Moreover, Juliana is no longer even living in America and has moved on from the marriage and is living in Europe now.

Juliana and Michael have yet to make their divorce final but it’s clear that they have every intention to. Michael’s two young children were very attached to Juliana during Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance and this breakup will no doubt be affecting them as well.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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