Jubilee Sharpe from Bachelor in Paradise: What you need to know

Jubilee Sharpe
Jubilee Sharpe s aged 27 and has appeared on The Bachelor, and Bachelor In Paradise. Photo via ABC.

Jubilee Sharpe joined the gang in Mexico during last night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise. She was determined to find love and she revealed that she had no problem breaking up couples if she saw someone who she felt she could have a connection with.

Even though John Graham had just come home from a date, Jubilee wanted to see if she could find a connection with the nerd of this season. John, who had been on Rebecca Kufrin’s season of the show and became known as the Venmo creator from San Francisco, Sharpe simply wanted to know him for him.

During Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Jubilee and John went on a date and it was clear that they had a great connection. Even though John had gone on a date the night before, he revealed that he had promised himself to explore all options with the goal of finding love. Here’s what you need to know about Jubilee.


If she looks familiar, it’s because she has been on Bachelor In Paradise before. In fact, last year when Amanda and Josh’s romance was the main focus, Jubilee was actually in Mexico trying to find love. It didn’t work for her and she’s back with the hopes of it working this time.


As some of the contestants revealed, 27-year-old Jubilee has worked in the military. And this is something you will see on her Instagram profile. It’s clear that she’s proud of serving her country and she even celebrated Veteran’s Day last year.


For those who may think that Jubilee and John make a great couple will be happy to hear that she loves kids. On Instagram, she has shared several photos of friends and family members’ children and it sounds like she’s excited about possibly becoming a mother herself one day.

The man who ends up proposing to Jubilee needs to understand she has a love for hockey. It may be wise for John to take her to a hockey game when they get back from paradise if they are still together.

Do you think Jubilee and John managed to keep their connection from Bachelor In Paradise?

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