Jubilee Sharpe arrested for a DUI in South Florida: Former Bachelor In Paradise star is not in jail

Jubilee Sharpe
Jubilee Sharpe was arrested in South Florida. Pic credit: ABC

Jubilee Sharpe has stayed out of the Bachelor spotlight for a few years.

But she made headlines this weekend for something she may already be regretting.

The Army veteran was arrested yesterday for driving under the influence.

Few details are known about the arrest or what happened prior to her being arrested.

She has yet to issue a statement about the incident.

Jubilee Sharpe is out of jail

Jubilee got a DUI in South Florida this past Sunday. TMZ reports that she was busted in West Palm Beach.

She was arrested and subsequently released under her own recognizance, which means she promises to show up to all future court appearances and not engage in illegal activity while out on bail.

She was charged with a DUI, meaning she was driving while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. TMZ hasn’t revealed what she was charged with or what police suspected her to have consumed.

Jubilee Sharpe hasn’t said anything on Instagram about her arrest

On social media, Jubilee has remained silent about the ordeal.

The last photo she posted was of her holding a drink. The photo isn’t from this weekend.

Her last Instagram Story is from 19 hours ago and shows her in the passenger seat of a car with another man, who is driving the car.

The man’s name is Julian Davis. While she isn’t physically in the video, it appears she’s the one filming them driving.

Jubilee is best known for her time on The Bachelor, where she competed for Ben Higgins. She asked him straight up if he saw a future with her, and when he said no, she left the show.

Ben would later move on with a new woman after breaking things off with his final pick, Lauren Bushnell.

She clearly wasn’t there to waste her time. Jubilee then appeared on two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise. The first time she only lasted a week, but two seasons later, she quit after three weeks.

During her time in Mexico, she tried to see if she and John Graham, the Venmo creator, had a connection. They did see some sparks, but it wasn’t enough for her to stick around.

She’s best known to Bachelor viewers as being an Army veteran, who had a tough upbringing. She talked about this on Bachelor In Paradise.

Bachelor In Paradise returns this summer on ABC.

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