Juan Pablo Galavis thanks Clayton Echard for taking some of the heat off him as the worst Bachelor

Clayton & Juan Pablo
Clayton and Juan Pablo: Who was the worst Bachelor? Pic credit: ABC

Juan Pablo has been known in Bachelor Nation as arguably one of the absolute worst Bachelors in The Bachelor show’s history… until now, according to some fans.

Juan Pablo was on Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette before moving on to be the first Latino Bachelor ever for Season 18 of the show.

He received more backlash and criticism than any other Bachelor by the time the After The Final Rose happened. Again… until now.

Who is in the running against Juan Pablo Galavis for the worst Bachelor in the show’s history?

Apparently, according to Bachelor Nation, there could be a new man in the running for this notorious title, and that man is Clayton Echard.

While some fans have backed Clayton since the show’s finale ran its conclusion, plenty of viewers have not.

Even Juan Pablo took to Twitter to post about Clayton, his season, the journey, and his choices.

He jokingly tweeted “Finally I can SLEEP in peace… THANKS Clayton Lol.”

Pic credit: @JuanPaGalavis/Twitter

So what did fans think about Juan Pablo’s tweet? Do they agree with Juan Pablo that Clayton has surpassed his title of worst Bachelor in the show’s history, or do they disagree with him?

Some fans showed support for Juan Pablo’s tweet

One fan just found humor in the tweet itself, as she wrote, “Hahahahahaha I was waiting for this tweet (laughing/crying face emoji).”

Pic credit: @JuanPaGalavis/Twitter

Some fans agreed that Clayton was indeed worse than Juan Pablo, as they posted in support of Juan Pablo’s comment.

One woman wrote, “sweet dreams Juan Hahha he takes the (cake emoji),” while another stated, “This made me literally lol. Sleep well!”

Pic credit: @JuanPaGalavis/Twitter

Other Bachelor Nation fans sided with Clayton on this debate

However, some fans still hold a grudge against Juan Pablo and shared their insight that even Clayton wouldn’t surpass his notoriety in the department of worst Bachelor ever.

The first viewer stated, “NOPE!! You wish lol (laughing/crying face emoji).”

Pic credit: @JuanPaGalavis/Twitter

Another Bachelor Nation fan kept it simple in their comment back to Juan Pablo’s post, stating, “#Nope.”

Pic credit: @JuanPaGalavis/Twitter

Why was Juan Pablo so hated by Bachelor Nation?

During his season of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo was viewed as rude, condescending, and snarky to the women and even his own family was wary of him settling down because they weren’t sure that he would.

The warning signs and red flags were there with Juan Pablo throughout the season, however, he did end up dating Nikki Ferrell, but he did not propose on the show. Their relationship did not last long either, as was predicted by Juan Pablo’s family.

While Juan Pablo sarcastically commented this to his Twitter feed, many fans are debating on who was the worst out of Juan Pablo, Clayton, or maybe another Bachelor who wasn’t listed. The verdict is still out with mixed reviews from Bachelor Nation.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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