Joy-Anna Duggar shows up for Carlin Bates amid health update on Layla Rae

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar with Layla Rae.
Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar are best friends. Pic credit: @carlinbates98/Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar and some of the other Duggar family members are rallying together for Carlin Bates. The reality star shared an update about her daughter, Layla Rae yesterday.

Both families have been close for years, but Joy and Carlin are the best of friends.

They have stood beside one another through all of life’s madness, including weddings, births, and the loss of Joy’s little girl last summer at just 20-weeks gestation.

What is wrong with Carlin Bates’ little girl?

Carlin Bates updated followers on her little girl yesterday. Layla Rae Stewart was born earlier this year. It was a monumental moment for the reality star who was a first-time mom.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as Carlin had hoped. Layla was having trouble catching her breath and would have episodes of turning blue. This caused her to be rushed to a Children’s hospital.

While that is scary enough, Carlin couldn’t be with Layla because she was admitted to the hospital for meningitis. It was like a nightmare that didn’t stop.

Initially, it was believed that the breathing issues were due to Layla Rae being born prematurely. As it turns out, it looks like the little girl may have a heart issue because of a small hole that was detected.

That, coupled with acid reflux, is something Layla’s pediatrician is looking at.

The Duggars show support

On the Instagram post, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Anna Duggar all showed up to leave encouraging words for Carlin Bates amid Layla’s health struggles.

After admitting her faith in God wavered while dealing with all of the struggles, the women commented to let her know she wasn’t alone and that they all were praying for her and for Layla Rae.

Joy-Anna said, “Aw, love you all! Continuing to pray for sweet baby Layla Rae!!” Anna commented, “You are such an amazing Momma, keeping Layla in our prayers!” Finally, Jinger also chimed in with, “ May God grant you His perfect peace in this days.”

The Duggar women show up for Carlin Bates.
Joy-Anna, Jinger, and Anna Duggar show support for Carlin Bates. Pic credit: @carlinbates98/Instagram

After Carlin Bates showed up for Joy-Anna when she lost Annabell, showing their love and support for her is the least the family could do.

Their best friend status has been talked about over and over, with some followers declaring them “goals” when the two share photos with one another.

The Bates and Duggar families have always been close, with some rumors of courtship between them. So far, there hasn’t been a marriage yet, but fans are hopeful there will be one down the line.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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Wanda Ellis
Wanda Ellis
2 years ago

Carlin I am 63 years young ?. I was3 months premature. Was always sick growing up. Found out I had 3 holes in my hearts. A AirForce Dr. found the heart mummer in 1963. Had open heart surgery July 1963 at Riley Children Hospital Indianspolis, IN. That was many years ago. Reason I am saying this is the advancement that’s been made is amazing. Your baby girl will be ok. With God and herDrs. Fixing her up. Will help her and you, hubs and family in my prayers ???

Diane Hefele
Diane Hefele
2 years ago

Hi I was born premature. But not early birth. I’m 51 yrs old and had hole in my heart at birth weight from 6lbs to 3 lbs and gained back up to 5 lbs had to stayed at hospital for 2 months in Tampa fla. because I was too sick had congenital rebulla syndrome as deaf blind, heart plms and slight cp. I had to have open heart surgery at age 7 yrs old. Praying for ur little girl .