Jovi Dufren admits that ‘life changes’ after becoming a father as he leaves his party days behind

jovi and yara
Jovi Dufren is adapting well to being a dad. Pic credit: TLC

Jovi and Yara from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? have come a long way from the first time we met them. Jovi was admittedly a party boy whose favorite pastime was spending time at strip clubs.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? couple Jovi and Yara have come a long way

Jovi and Yara would get into all-out debacles over his nonstop partying ways, however, after having his baby girl Mylah, he has begun the major “daddy” transformation.

In one of his recent Instagram videos, viewers can see clips of Jovi raging at parties, to where he is now, with a brush in his hand ready to assist his daughter in beautifying her doll.

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During Yara and Jovi’s relationship, Jovi had put a lot of strain on his relationship because he was constantly gone for long periods of time for work. Jovi even had to leave after his daughter Mylah was born for work, which put a lot of stress on the couple.

It was extremely difficult for Yara to cope with the fact that she was a new mom, but also having to do it alone. Yara had stated that shortly after Mylah was born she wanted to go back home to Ukraine to be with her mother and raise her daughter.

Yara was suffering from postpartum and at the time, Jovi was not making things any easier, as he was constantly gone and when he would call, it would be as though he was not interested in what was going on in Yara’s world.

Yara says the way that she coped with the stresses of it all was by taking walks to get fresh air, which gave her a burst of energy.

Jovi embraces daddy duties

Jovi Dufren recently posted what seemed like a long goodbye to his old self in an Instagram video with the caption reading “Ohhhhhhh, how life changes, For the better of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way, I’ve had my fun hahah.”

Luckily, however, Jovi and Yara have been putting in the work to try and make sure that their relationship is stronger than ever. Yara is extremely appreciative of the man that Jovi is becoming.

Despite still having to constantly travel for work, Jovi has made it a point to spend as much quality time with his daughter as he can. Jovi had recently posted a slew of pictures of him and his daughter to Instagram that were outdated, but being the proud father that he is, he does not care.

He captioned this picture, “Yeaaaa, I know Christmas is over, but I’m posting these anyway. Do yall think the 2nd pic is as funny as I do.”

We are all rooting for Jovi to continue to grow, and absolutely dominate daddy duties.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is currently on hiatus. Stream past seasons on Discovery Plus.

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