Josh Gates Earth Day special has Wizard Captain Keith Colburn, Property Brothers, Joel McHale more appearing

josh gates expedition unknown
Discovery star Josh Gates is a good steward of the planet. Pic credit: Discovery

Earth Day is April 22, 2020.

This annual holiday recognizes the planet, and all that can be done to undo the damage the last 100-plus years has wrought.

It has a special televised event to commemorate it only on Discovery.

Expedition Unknown star Josh Gates will host a special Earth Day episode of a brand new virtual late-night talk show on Discovery.

The new show is titled Josh Gates Tonight.

Who is booked on the Josh Gates Tonight?

Adventurer and prolific explorer Josh Gates will host a special episode of Josh Gates Tonight, described as “a virtual late-night talk show,” airing on Earth Day (April 22) only on Discovery.

Fans of Gates already know he has spent his career traversing the globe, investigating history’s obscure rumors and legends and many mysteries of the natural world.

Now, during this pandemic that altered all our lives, Gates can do his job and still explore while staying Safer at Home. He’s bringing all of us along for the ride.

The one hour Earth Day special will see Gates interview a variety of celebrity guests including Joel McHale, Mark Rober, Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott, Dr. Sandra Lee, Jeb Corliss, Jason Hawes, Captain Keith Colburn, and environmental experts, including Forrest Galante and Luke Tipple.

The guests and Gates care about the planet and commit to protecting what we have in the sea, land, and air.

What else will Josh Gates cover?

Additionally, Josh will re-live some of his favorite adventures at natural attractions and wondrous destinations around the Earth, including Victoria Falls, Mt. Everest, Greenland, South America, and more.

It will be informative too, as we will be given hacks for a cleaner, greener, and more natural life.

Gates will introduce Green Our Homes and make self-isolation an eco-friendly learning lesson while sharing methods to keep the Earth on the path to healing when we finally come back into the world post-COVID-19.

After this Earth Day special, Gates finds a home on Wednesday nights to share updates and unseen footage of his worldwide adventures.

He is committed to booking experts from across the globe to provide additional insights into past expeditions while diving deeper into some of the Discovery Channel’s exciting slate of series and specials with video calls from the series’ stars.

Discovery is all about Josh Gates

The network says that this new virtual talk show comes on the heels of Gates’ juggernaut Expedition Unknown.

“This was Expedition Unknown most watched season in series history. This past season reached over 9M total viewers and ranked as the highest-rated season in series history among P25-54 and W25-54. The first episode of Josh Gates Tonight reached over 1M total viewers.

Discovery also announced they entered a new three year deal with Gates through 2023.

Josh is back again as executive producer and host of Expedition Unknown, and as a bonus for fans, he will appear in various other programs for Discovery Channel, and collaborate with Discovery “to develop new and exciting programming across all platforms.”

“Josh Gates’ unparalleled passion for adventure has made him a fan-favorite. We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Josh and work with him to create programming that brings the world to our audience’s homes,” said Nancy Daniels, Chief Brand Officer, Discovery & Factual in the press release today

“My passion is to share stories through exploration and connect viewers with captivating tales of history’s greatest legends and mysteries,” said Josh Gates in the same release. “I’m so excited to continue that mission and invite our fans along for all-new adventures on Discovery Channel.”

Josh Gates Tonight is brought to Discovery by executive producers Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels, and Josh Gates, and the co-executive producer is Matthew Meltzer.

For Discovery Channel, Michael Gara is the executive producer and the associate producer is Olivia Ghersen.

Following the Earth Day special, Josh Gates Tonight will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery

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Ken Bays
3 years ago

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