Jordan Vandergriff reacts to the drama on The Bachelorette

Jordan Vandergriff
Jordan Vandergriff appeared to be an early frontrunner on The Bachelorette Season 19 but was sent home early. Pic credit: @jordanvandergriff/Instagram

Jordan Vandergriff joined viewers in tuning into The Bachelorette this week. 

Jordan was on the show just a few weeks prior and even got Rachel Recchia’s first one-on-one. 

However, despite having a nice date, Rachel knew in her gut that Jordan wasn’t the one, and she chose to send him home at the end of their date. 

Viewers were sad to see Jordan go as they felt he was a good guy who could make a good match for Rachel, especially with their shared passion for speed and adrenaline. 

Jordan also appeared genuinely interested in Rachel exclusively, which couldn’t be said for all of Rachel’s men, such as Logan Palmer and James ‘Meatball’ Clarke.  

As the season has progressed, Rachel has struggled with feeling rejected by the men. She often worries if any of the men are really interested in her, especially after Logan switched from her group to Gabby Windey’s team. 

Jordan reacted to the drama in this week’s episode, specifically filming his reaction to Logan Palmer leaving Rachel’s group and joining Gabbys. 

Jordan Vandergriff calls The Bachelorette a ‘good show’ 

Jordan Vandergriff took to his Instagram Stories to film his reaction to the show. 

Taking in all the drama, Jordan snacked on popcorn while looking riveted by the television screen. 

Jordan Vandergriff's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jordanvandergriff/Instagram

Jordan turned the camera towards the TV to reveal he was watching the scene where Logan reveals to Gabby’s men that he’ll be switching to their team after ending things with Rachel.

Jordan wrote above the video, “This is a good show,” while tagging The Bachelorette. 

Jordan Vandergriff's Instagram story
Pic credit: @jordanvandergriff/Instagram

Rachel Recchia wrestles with feeling like a ‘loser’ on The Bachelorette 

Having two leads on The Bachelorette was a risky move that’s been proving to have some issues.

Due to the show’s format, it seemed inevitable that one woman would get the short end of the stick, and so far, Rachel believes she’s the one getting hurt and rejected at every turn. 

When Rachel and Gabby grew tired of the men’s rejection, they chose to split the men up into groups as they embarked on separate journeys. 

During the rose ceremony where they chose which men they’d want to pursue them exclusively, several men rejected Rachel’s rose and expressed interest in pursuing Gabby instead. 

Then, after Logan accepted roses from Rachel, he admitted he wanted to pursue Gabby more, which devastated Rachel to the point of canceling the group date with her other men. 

Rachel shed tears as she expressed feeling like a loser. While Rachel’s journey on The Bachelorette has been rocky, time will tell if she still manages to find meaningful love. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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