Jordan Rodgers’ famous QB brother Aaron Rodgers has spoken about his estrangement from his family

Jordan Rodgers
Jordan Rodgers’ famous brother may be reconciling with his family. Pic credit: @jrodgers11/Instagram

Jordan Rodgers met and fell in love with JoJo Fletcher on her season of The Bachelorette.

It was during hometown visits that viewers heard about the controversy surrounding Jordan’s famous brother, Aaron Rodgers, and his estrangement from the family.

As the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Aaron had reportedly had nothing to do with Jordan, their other brother, and their parents for a while. Therefore, Jordan told JoJo that Aaron would not be in attendance at the hometown visit.

While Bachelor Nation watched and listened, they wanted to know more about why this famous NFL player was not involved with his family anymore.

Over the years, not much else has been said about why Aaron doesn’t speak to or have much to do with his brothers and parents; however, he has recently spoken out about the relationship.

Aaron has made the comment that he may be ready to reconcile with his family in the near future.

Jordan Rodgers’ family might be reuniting with Aaron Rodgers

While making an appearance on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast a couple of days ago, Aaron made some rare comments about his family.

He stated, “Many people have issues with family and deal with them in their own ways. For me, I’ve always tried to deal with it quietly behind closed doors.”

Aaron went on to say, “That hasn’t always been the case or hasn’t been good enough for a lot of people who want to write about it, or pick it apart, or talk about it, or even some things that my family has said or done over the years that’s been public.”

However, despite the broken family dynamics, Aaron also claimed that he is hopeful of reconciliation with his family in the future.

He stated that he is grateful for how he was raised and for all that his parents did and sacrificed for him and his brothers while they were growing up.

Aaron also declared that he has deep gratitude and love and has really reflected on his childhood years lately, looking back at them and realizing how lucky he was that his parents did what they did for him and his two brothers.

During the podcast, Aaron talked about his dad and said, “The fact that he was willing to take a chance and go through the poverty that we experienced to make a better life for his kids by going back to school as a middle-aged man—my age, he went back to chiropractic college trying to give us a better life—I have a deep, deep gratitude for that and really appreciate the sacrifices that were made on our behalf to give us a better life.”

He talked about how his dad did this so he and his two brothers, Jordan and Luke, could pursue their athletic passions and be the best athletes they could be.

Aaron Rodgers remains hopeful his family will come together

While Aaron realizes and acknowledges that building up the bridges that have been burned over time takes a while, he is also hopeful that sometime in the future, he can mend what has been lost with his family.

He does believe that reconciliation is possible with them but has no clue on a timeline of when this could happen.

Aaron did say, “But I have no bitterness in my heart, I have no resentment. I just have deep love and appreciation for the lessons that I learned and the fact that if I hadn’t been raised that way, all the good and all the frustrating, there’s no way I’d be sitting here today.”

For the entire Aubrey Marcus podcast episode with Aaron Rodgers, click here.

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