Jon Francetic says former MAFS expert Dr. Jessica is his ‘everything and then some’

Jon wears a polo and looks directly into the camera
Jon Francetic feels he found “the one” in Dr. Jessica. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight already offers an untraditional way to find love, but MAFS Season 6 star Jon Francetic may have found love on the show in a more unexpected way than any other cast member on the series. 

After having a difficult and explosive marriage with his MAFS match, Molly, Jon ended up still finding love within the MAFS franchise when he entered into a relationship with the former expert, Dr. Jessica Griffin. 

Now, years later, Jon and Dr. Jessica are still going strong as a couple, and Jon recently took to social media to further declare his deep love for the relationship expert. 

Dr. Jessica helps Jon Francetic believe in love 

During his season of Married at First Sight, Jon felt disrespected and mistreated by his ex-wife, Molly, and while his rough experience could have made him jaded by love, it seems Dr. Jessica restored Jon’s hope that true love can exist. 

In his recent post, Jon shared a photo of himself and Dr. Jessica smiling while posing cheek to cheek. Along with the photo, Jon wrote a heartfelt caption stating, “Never in my life did I think I would feel this way about a woman…she is my everything and then some.” 

Jon’s sweet declaration reveals just how special he finds his relationship with Dr. Jessica to be, and the couple appears to be in it for the long haul genuinely. 

Jon and Dr. Jessica rise above the criticism 

Jon and Dr. Jessica have had to withstand scrutiny about their relationship. Some critics found it suspicious that Dr. Jessica and Jon allegedly developed feelings for one another while Dr. Jessica was advising Jon and Molly’s marriage.

In retrospect, some viewers felt that Dr. Jessica was more protective than usual when it came to Jon in their counseling sessions on the show. Dr. Jessica eventually stepped down as an expert, and Jon has since addressed the controversy surrounding how the two’s love story may have began, suggesting that it’s not as scandalous as people might think and that the two did not develop feelings for one another until after he and Molly divorced.

Jon and Dr. Jessica have moved on with their lives post-Married at First Sight and continue to share tons of cute, affectionate photos from their travels and daily life. The couple also got engaged in 2019, and it appears their relationship brings them a lot of joy and fulfillment. 

When Jon signed up for Married at First Sight, he was fully committed to finding long-lasting love, so much so that he quit his job to be on the show. It looks like his commitment was rewarded since he found his “everything and then some” through Dr. Jessica. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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